Travelling to different countries and exploring new destinations is a dream for many of us, But do you know this dream can even get you jailed in some countries ….. if you are not aware of the rules and laws of that land.
So to help you out in keeping you safe, I thought to share a list of activities which could get you arrested in a foreign land.

Having Sex

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Do you know, even having sex can get you behind jail 😛
Yes, you heard it right.
In Dubai and various other Gulf countries having sex outside of marriage is a punishable offense. This is not only for their own nationals but it is also levied on foreign tourists.
Earlier this year, a British National claimed to have been gang-raped by some locals. But when she reported this to the police, they arrested her instead of arresting the accused. Initially, the young woman’s passport was confiscated. The charges were dropped soon after international media came to know about this.
So a travel advice for any traveler who is planning to visit UAE countries: It is against the law to share a room of different sex if you both are not married and if you are found guilty, you may land in jail.
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Having Alcohol

By the way, not only having but ordering alcohol is also illegal in Thailand for certain hours. There is a law named “Blue law” which restrict certain activities during a particular period of time. And one of them is ordering alcohol between 11 am to 2 pm. So technically, you cannot have your pint of beer any time of the day as you like. As even ordering or purchasing alcohol from a restaurant or from a bar is also illegal during that time of the day.

Wearing Bikini

There are travelers, who like to wear next-to-nothing when traveling abroad. But this behavior might not be a good option in some countries. In various Spanish regions, wearing bikinis or other swimwear and wandering on streets, may be fined. In 2014, a Spanish City named Mallorca brought the same rule. If anyone got caught wearing their swimwear on the streets, they could be fined £500. This is a big amount to pay as fine


If you are planning for Australia then you might have to wash your mouth. As in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria there are some strict laws against offensive language. So if you are charged with this offense, you could be brought in court. And they don’t take it lightly, as if being found guilty you may land in prison for up to six months.

Flushing Toilet At Night

Whatever the situation is if in Switzerland try to avoid visiting you loo during night.
Because in Switzerland, it is against the law to flush your toilet after 10 pm. As they consider it as noise pollution.

Connecting To WI-FI

In one of the South East Asian countries Singapore, using or connecting to another person’s Wi-FI is illegal. According to Cybersecurity act’s of Singapore, using someone else’s wifi without his permission can be deemed as hacking. Which may result in $10,000 fine or 03 years in jail.

Peeing In Sea

Hope you don’t pee when you swim in the sea. If you do so, then Portugal is not the places you should visit. Because Portuguese laws restrict people from peeing in the sea. But my question is how they enforce this strange law?

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