castle rock station to dudhsagar

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    Indian Travel Guide

    Hey guys,

    I am planning to visit Goa and one of my friend told me that Dudhsagar is a must visit falls in Goa.
    However going through the mode of transportation and have become confused like hell.
    As no one has given any good idea on how to reach Dudhsagar falls.
    After going through one vlog cam to know that, I can reach Castle rock and from castle rock I can visit Duhsagar falls.
    But do you know how to go from Castle rock to Dudhsagar falls?
    and how far and how much time it will take.
    Kindly advice

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    Vibha Singh


    the total distance from Castle Rock station to Dudhsagar Water falls is around 14 kms.
    From Castle rock the only way through which you can reach the falls is by walking through the railway tracks.
    The Its a picturesque trek where you will be crossing beautiful waterfalls and tunnels.
    the whole trek takes around 04-05 hours.
    You will love this trek

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    From Castle Rock it will take around 5hrs to reach Dudhsagar.
    However, if you are coming by train from Goa or Londa junction would suggest you to get down at Kulem.
    As Kulem is 12kms from Dudhsagar and Castle rock is around 15kms

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    Indian Travel Guide

    Thank you @thepoornomad and @vibha.
    When should I visit Dudhsagar? Any idea?

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    Would suggest you to go there during monsoon.
    During this time the falls will be full of water and greenery.

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    Abreine Jonethan

    There are many falls which are much more beautiful & gorgeous than Dudhsagar falls.
    The only time it looks beautiful is during monsoon

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    Indian Travel Guide

    How to return back?
    is there any train from Dudhsagar falls?

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    Kapil Vijayan

    There are goods trains which ply between both the places. These good trains stop at Dudhsagar station for 1-2 mins. But I am not aware of the train schedule.
    Dudhsagar station is a 1km walk from the falls

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    See many travelers even choose to camp there for a night around Dudhsagar station. If you want, you can do that too. For that, you have to bring your own tents, camps, sleeping bags and sleeping mat.

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    Safety Tip: If you are planning to trek from Kulem or Castle Rock, you will find one tunnel just before Sonaulim station. So try carrying a good torch and don’t use earphones when crossing the tunnel.

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    Indian Travel Guide

    Have got the info I needed. now planning to stay there for a night.
    Hope the plan works out 🙂

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    Tips you should keep in mind before going there:
    1. If you are planning for a trek either by the jungle or by the track, come with a good pair of trekking shoes. Hard soul and a good grip is a must
    2. If you are visiting Dudhsagar falls during monsoons then be ready for occasional showers. And always carry a raincoat and a backpack cover.
    3. Carry your own food as there are no food or tea stalls near to the falls
    4. Don’t litter
    5. Be careful when trekking through the tracks. Avoid using earphones in between the trek
    6. Try to start the trek as early as possible

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