Heard of the Jatayu Nature Park Kerala? Well, if you haven’t, it’s time for you to get your traveling shoes on and have a trip to this wonder to give your heart and mind some wonderful memories to cherish.

The Jatayu Earth’s Centre is a newly completed tourism spot in South India and is the first ever combined efforts of the Mr. Rajiv Anchal and the Tourism Department of Kerala. The place is a unique travel destination as it forms a perfect amalgamation of the rich old mythology to the present era.

The statue of Jatayu India is made exactly at the place where the famous bird from Ramayana breathed his last breath. It is built on an enchanting and enthralling location that in itself is a raw natural beauty calling out to be appreciated. It is one of the best famous temples in Kerala.

Located in the Kollam district of Kerala, the Jatayu Earth’s Center is built over a huge 65 acres of uneven terrain landscape that is around 1,000 feet above the sea level. The statue itself is 200 feet long, 70 feet tall and 150 feet in width. With these dimensions, the park holds the record of being the largest functional bird sculptures in the world.

Things to do in Jatayu Earth’s Center
 Jatayu Nature Park Kerala

There are four hills at the Jatayu Nature Park Kerala with a different set of attractions for each.

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First Hill

The first hill is where the sculpture of the Jatayu bird stands. It is a giant rock and is over 1,000 feet high. There is an audio-visual museum built inside the bird sculpture along with a theatre that is multi-dimensional. To reach the hilltop, especially imported cable cars are installed. There is also a Rama temple built beside the sculpture. A reservoir is built on the hilltop which can hold water of up to 1.5 million litres.

The Jatayu bird sculpture, being the biggest in the world, has around 15,000 square-feet of utility space inside.

Second Hill

The second hill is where the real adventure activities come in. This hill is ideal for corporate teams or people visiting in large groups as groups of 10-100 can only visit here. There is an integrated paintball station spanning over a large natural terrain.

Apart from just the paintball, there are many other activities as well which are basically team building games. These games include Archery, Commando Net, Log Walking, Rappelling, Chimney Climbing, Valley Crossing and many more. Besides, there is an hour-long trekking activity through the private forest which is absolutely safe. In fact, all the activities have been included keeping the safety standards in place.

Third Hill

The third hill is more like a camping zone within a forest. Imagine how thrilling it would be to set up a camp tent in the middle of a rocky forest! This is the place where you give your tummy something to love and savor. There is a live kitchen with live music. You get a chance to dine under the moonlight with your family while the live music is played in the background. And trust me, the food would taste amazing.

This area is actually a 250-meter zip line zone and has activities like sky cycling and campfire. The visitors can even take part in forestation.

Fourth Hill

The fourth hill probably has some of the most exciting and happening activities in it. The visitors can get through a rejuvenation at the Traditional Siddha natural caves. These caves mostly include Ayurvedic massage and relaxing zones. There are also some accommodation facilities.

If you are a naturist, you will find this place to be absolutely amazing. There is a herbal garden which has a range and variety of flora, that is, plants. You will also get a chance to work towards the protection and preservation of the natural ecosystem here. However, the best thing about this last hill is the Heli-taxi service from a helipad. The heli-taxi will take you over the entire park so that you can get a real birds-eye view.

The Jatayu Earth’s Center is truly amazing

As amazing as it could get, the newest addition to the tourist zones of the south, is truly one of the best attractions to be built in a long, long time. Once you visit this place, there would be no room for you to complain about as the authority has taken care of every single activity that you indulge in here. So, what are you waiting for?

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