Are you going to Germany this holiday season but stuck between which city to visit? Remember that being an eclectic nation, there is a vast diversity in Germany and every city possesses its attractions as well as cuisines. So, your trip can be more enthralling and enticing after getting familiarised with some of the worth-seeing towns in Germany.

Here is a showcasing of ten must-watch cities in Germany to make the most out of your trip:


The capital and largest city in Germany is Berlin. More interestingly, Berlin is the second city with the most population in the European Union where you can see multiculturalism. What’s more, this edgy and vibrant city has to offer numerous attractions to be an always enticing city for the travelers.

Some of its iconic buildings, which are representative of both the city and the country, are fernsehturm (TV Tower), gedächtniskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) and Reichstag (government building).

Here are some of the other main attractions of Berlin:

  • East Side Gallery
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Museum Island

What’s more, Germany’s best festivals also take place in Berlin every year. For instance, May Day, International Film Festival in Berlin, carnival, Berlin Festival of Lights etc.


It’s Germany’s third largest city and is Bavarian capital. You will find Marienplatz as the central point there. Furthermore, you will see a high-quality life and a high standard of living there. This ideal city homes to Oktoberfest, Lederhosen and giant Schweinshaxe. Not only this but its also a land of English Garden with its famous FKK (nudist) lawn as well as surfing canal.

Most of all, the city is a worldwide center of tourism, culture, art, innovation, science, publishing, technology, education, finance as well as business.


Notably, it’s a fascinating city in Germany. Not only it is surrounded by many gardens and parks but also a major junction of transport and industrial center. When it comes to main attractions, you will see Zeitgeschichtliches Forum, Völkerschlachtdenkmal, Museum der Bildenden Künste, St. Nicholas Church and St. Thomas Church there. Some other attractions include Leipzig Panometer, Leipzig Hauptbahnhof, Museum in der Runden Ecke, Grassi Museum, Leipzig Zoo, Altes Rathaus, Markt, and Bach-Museum.


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It’s Germany’s fourth biggest metropolitan region. On top of that, it has Germany’s sixth-biggest airport as being a transport junction. From valleys to hills to parks, you will find an enchanting variety in this city. More interestingly, it has a high number of immigrants too, and every third resident is an immigrant as per Eyewitness Travel Guide to Germany.

Also, it homes to two of the biggest worldwide brands of car, i.e., Porsche and Mercedes.


This city is internationally known for its trade and fashion fairs. Over and above that, it is also well recognized due to its pioneering inspiration on experimental music as well as its Japanese community. What adds to the spark of this city, even more, is its worldwide ranking as the sixth most civilized city as per Mercer’s 2012 Quality of Living survey. Isn’t it fascinating?


Due to having a romantic cityscape, Heidelberg is a well-known tourist attraction. Notably, the Old Bridge in Heidelberg is amongst the most visited destination in Germany.

Other than this, some of its mainly popular destinations are inclusive of the baroque style Old Town, Heidelberg Castle, and the Philosophers’ Walk. You are probably compelled to visit Heidelberg now, aren’t you?


Another cosmopolitan area in Germany, Cologne is home to a diverse history and culture. What makes it a must-visit German city is its old town possessing very photogenic multicolored architectures as well as cobbled streets. Moreover, don’t forget to miss the Kölner Dom if you are heading towards Cologne. It’s a High Gothic style cathedral presenting remarkable 56 pillars. Whoa! Anyone dying to visit it?

Another must-visit and mouth-watering feature of cologne are the Chocolate Museum. It has a long history of making chocolates from cocoa beans. Also, you will see yummiest fountains there. Well, who would say” NO” to chocolate? It’s just irresistible.


Who would want to miss visiting a port city even after landing in Germany? Anyone? Astonishingly, Hamburg has the second biggest port in Europe. Moreover, there are more bridges in Hamburg than Venice and Amsterdam collectively. Isn’t that surprising?

Apart from this, Hamburg is the biggest centre of education, science, and research in Europe.


The joy and pride of this fantastic city is a baroque church Frauenkirche which is known for its big dome. Some other not to miss attractions are inclusive of but not limited to the following:

  • Zwinger Palace (France’s Versaille inspiration)
  • Semperoper (the lavish and stunning opera house of the city)
  • the restored Dresden Castle housing the art museum of state

What’s more, Dresden’s fresher sectors are relishing a renaissance. A younger and alluring side of this city is Dresden off the beaten path as you will see a highly interesting factory of cigarette and art-filled patios there.


Although the commercial focus of Frankfurt is the financial center of Europe, there are some worth-seeing attractions in it too.

Without a doubt, Altstad, as well as its main square – Römerberg, is the main attraction of Frankfurt. Aside from this, you will also see renowned writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s birthplace, Palmengarten as well as the Frankfurt Cathedral there.

Captivatingly, it hosts numerous important conventions and events, for instance, the International Book Fair taking place in October.

Undoubtedly, Germany is among the most-explored and most-visited countries. It will surely take you to cloud nine. Be it fairytale castles to beautiful architecture to rich antiquity and flavorsome cuisines, and you will find something eye-catching in each of its city. If you are still finding it hard to choose which city you should go to, then make a tour of them all to get the most out of your trip.

Have a mesmerizing and enriching visit to Germany buddies!

Author Bio: The guest post is written by Jessica Watson, who has been writing for websites, blogs, and magazines from the last 4 years. Currently, she is working with Regal Cars Reading who are providing Reading to Heathrow taxi services in Berkshire, United Kingdom.