About Me

Tirthankar Bose

Who am I?

Hi I am Tirthankar and a backpacker from India.
Budget is my only concern as I work and get paid in Indian Rupees. Sad isn’t it?
I travel by public transport, bargain with hotel managers, camp anywhere, eat street food even when my stomach is in a Delhi-belly mood and drink local beer to cut down my travel cost

Why this blog?

As a solo backpacker, I always try to look for budgeted hotels/ hostels, good & cheap street food, best and cheap way to travel. But this internet is full of surprises, which ultimately leads you to nothing.

So with this blog, I am going to share with you the best places to stay, eat, travel and help you to explore new destinations without hurting your bank account.

Not only that, I love to read and learn new things, so have quite a bit of knowledge about lot of other stuffs. I am an SEO expert by profession, a freelance digital marketer and a blogger who loves to crack new stuffs.

So don’t be shocked if I write a blog about how to change baby diapers.

How I get infected???

I might look like a labor but I am not. I am a degree holder of Masters in Business Administration (MBA).
From my high school days, I loved to live my life at my own terms. And that was the reason in the early 2005, I started my first company/ firm with one of my friend but it failed in 2005 only. Then again in 2007, 2009 and 2013 and again the result was the same.

In the midst of these failures, I and my parents planned a family trip to Sikkim In 2006. And that is the time when this travel-bug bite me. The trip was awesome but due to heavy snowfall we couldn’t visit Yumthang Valley on that trip.

So just after a month, I was there in Sikkim again but this time for my first solo trip. I had no idea how to go forward with this; I was scared, had little money to spend but fortunately, I managed to complete that trip that too safely and with some great experiences. And yes, this time I managed to touch Yumthang valley too.
And this is how my travel journey started. So just believe in yourself and you can do wonders.

My Belief:

More than destination I love to sit around and explore one place, its culture, food & people and to get an in-depth knowledge about that place.

What you will be getting from this blog:

  1. My experiences
  2. My story
  3. Reviews of every destination
  4. Where to eat
  5. Where to stay
  6. How to travel
  7. Budget calculator

And that’s it… its poornomad.com not Wikipedia.

If you want to know, how I started my travel?
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