Article Summary: Today with this article I will tell you some of the best places for trekking in Manali Himachal Pradesh. So to know more keep reading

Manali is a famous travel destination for trekkers, hikers and backpackers is also known for its scenic views, varied flora and fauna and some jaw-dropping treks.

You can also term this destination as one of the places which is perceived as heaven for trekking enthusiasts and hikers.

Himachal Pradesh or let’s be specific Manali has a bag full of easy, moderate and hard treks. From a day trek to a trek which might even take more than 15 days, it has it all.
So let’s not waste time and see which are the best places for trekking and camping in Manali.

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Best Places for Trekking In and Around Manali

Malana Village Trek 

If you are into trekking then you should go for this Trek. If you are the kind of trekker, who loves to hear new stories then Malana is the village you should go for.

Himachali villages and their culture are very different from other parts of India. With stories that date back to Alexander The Great and even to Akbar, this small village has a plethora of stories to share with travelers.

Malana is a small hidden and a mysterious village at the foothills of Himalayas but with its fair share of stories with legends and history.  It has its own democratic government and it is considered to be one of the oldest democracy in the world.

Oldest democracy ..Yes, you heard it correct!

So Malana Village Trek starts from Jari. If you don’t have much time then you may drive to Jari and start your trek, which is basically a day trek to reach Malana from there.
Or else you may start your trek from Manali and from there it’s a 3Night 04days trek passing through Naggar Village, Chanderkhani Pass and Rumshu Thatch.

Malana Village Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 8500mts
Best Time To Visit: May To October
Difficulty Level: Moderate to High
Duration: 04-05 hrs

Jogini Waterfalls Trek

If you are looking for a day trek in and around Manali and don’t have much time then Jogini Waterfalls is the trek which you should surely go for.

With just 02 hrs or 04kms from Vaishisht Temple, it is one of the most favored day hiking trips in Manali. Crossing through apple orchids, pine trees, and little water streams en-route would surely make your day.

After a decent uphill walk from Vaishisht temple, this trek greets you with an amazing view and sound of Jogini waterfalls and a small pool of water where you can take a dip and distress a bit.
It is also known as one of the top places for family trekking in Manali.

Jogini Waterfalls Trek Details
Maximum Elevation:
Best Time To Visit: April to November
Difficulty Level: 
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Bhrigu Lake Trek

This lake is located in the east of Rohtang Pass at an elevation of 4,300mts. It can be reached either from Hadimba Temple in Manali or from Gulaba Village. Actually, Bhirgu Lake has been named after Maharishi Bhrigu.

This Bhirgu Lake trek is one of the best options for anyone who wants to explore and feel this enduring beauty of this Himalayan region.

Bhirgu Lake Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 4,300mts
Best Time To Visit: May to September
Difficulty Level: Hard
Duration: 04days

Beas Kund Trek

If you are in Manali then you cannot miss this trek. It is one of the most scenic and beautiful treks in this region. From beginners to pros. it’s a must go trek for everyone.  Trekking along the Beas river and with views of Pir Panjal ranges would obviously give you a feeling of a bird.

And the best part is that anyone can go for this trek and you don’t need any trekking experience to do this Beas Kund Trek.

Some people loves beaches, some are mountain lovers and there is the third kind who loves rivers, jungles, meadows, varied flora and fauna, nature and would love to walk hours just to feel this untouched nature and love to listen to the chirping of birds.

So if you are the third one then Beas Kund Trek is the trek you should go for on your next weekend trip.

Being an easy hiking route you can even plan this route with your family as well.

Beas Kund Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 3,690mts
Best Time To Visit: April to October
Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate
Duration: 04 – 05 days

Hampta Pass Trek

Discovering the untouched lands of Manali is like a dream come true. This is a trail which has everything from lush green forest, to meadows and also gives a touch of barren land.

Yes, Manali is known for its scenic views, snow clad mountains, and forests but it is also known for its beautiful barren lands.

Hampta Pass Trek has been voted as one of the most easiest, beautiful and one of the best treks for beginners.

This pass basically connects two valleys Kullu and Lahaul. Kullu is known for its green land whereas Lahaul is famous for its beautiful barren lands. If you are planning for Hampta Pass Trek then I would also suggest you take a stopover at Chandrataal Lake. It is one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in Himachal Pradesh. I hope now you know, how beautiful is this Hampta Pass trek.
Many even do this as a family trekking in Manali Himachal Pradesh.

Hampta Pass Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 14,000mts
Best Time To Visit: June to August
Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate
Duration: 05 – 06 days

Bara Banghal Trek

Now let’s jump onto the big daddies of the top places for trekking and camping in Manali. So in our 5th best treks in Manali is Bara Banghal Trek.

Bara Bhangal Trek has been named on Bara Bhangal village. It is one of the most remote villages in Manali or Himachal Pradesh. There is no road connectivity and villagers from this village have to walk for three to four days crossing high mountain passes just to reach the nearest road. This village remains cut-off from the outer world for almost six months and it is only accessible when Thamsar Pass is open from June to October. The true highlight of Bara Banghal Trek are the Gaddis and meeting the semi-nomadic pastoralists. This trek also gives you a chance to peek into the lives of this unknown tribe and the villagers whom most of us have forgotten.

But trust me, if you want to visit this oldest settlement and feel the untouched rural setting then you have to be an experienced trekker and have to have a solid know-how about trekking and camping in this region. As this trek is not meant for amateurs.

Bara Banghal Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 1,630mts
Best Time To Visit: June to October
Difficulty Level: Moderate To Hard
Duration: 12days

Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

It is one of the most pleasant and picturesque treks in this region. Most of us have a perception that moderate treks don’t provide us with good views but that’s not correct for this trek route.

Deo Tibba base camp trek is one of the finest treks in this region due to its two features. First is that it is a moderate trek and second one is that it will take you to the grazing pastures, alpine forests, small villages, meadows, waterfalls, high altitude lakes, and moraines.

What more should anyone want?

Not only that you can also complete this trek in five days.

Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 3,475mts
Best Time To Visit: June to October
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Duration: 05days

Pin Parvati Trek

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is the most sought after treks in the Himalayas. The trans-Himalayan Pass is one of the most popular ones among the seasoned trekkers. So if you are a pro-trekker and planning for one of these camping & trekking routes in Manali then Pin Parvati trek should make your list. Completing this is kind of a challenge for anyone is not at all easy but it provides you with a massive dose of beauty, adventure and a huge sense of achievement.

Crossing a high terrain pass at 17,457ft is surely an experience of a lifetime.

This Trans-Himalayan trek provides you with the most spectacular views ranging from forests and meadows of Parvati Valley to the barren lands and Buddhist Monasteries of Spiti Valley. The climate and the view change drastically within a minute, on this Trek. Within hours, you would walk through the barren land and the cold desert of Spiti to the alpine forests of Parvati valley.

As you climb higher the birds-eye view of both Pin valley and the Parvati valley might catch you off guard.

Pin Parvati Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 5,298mts
Best Time To Visit: August to September
Difficulty Level: Difficult
Duration: 12days

Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

So in our list of top places for trekking in Manali, the 2nd spot goes to Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek. One of the most beautiful but difficult treks in Himachal is this Shepherd Trail trek or locally knows as Gaddi trek.

This trail connects two valleys Kullu and Kangra. The highest point of this trek is the Kalihani Pass which is located at 4,800mts. Apart from Kalihani pass you will be touching various other passes as well like Khanpari Pass and Thamsar pass. Not only this, this Gaddi trail also passes through various shepherd villages and grazing lands tucked high in the Himalayan region.

The Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek starts from Manali at 2,050mts and ascends to 4,080mts. This trail passes through various streams, thick Cedar forests and takes you to the serene remoteness of the famous Kangra Valley.

This trek is an ultimate one which gives you an electrifying experience of trekking.

Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 4,800mts
Best Time To Visit: Feb to November
Difficulty Level: Difficult
Duration: 12days

Bhabha Pass Trek

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Sitting at the busy airport lounge with a fading sense of claustrophobia my mind wanders to this 'maidan' near Mudh and I can't help reflect on how removed I'm feeling from the equation. . Being in the city is great. Everything is accessible. There's no where you can't go and nothing you can't do. But every now and then it is absolutely essential for everyone to just 'get out' and I'm not talking about a weekend trip to Lonavala in the comfort of our cars. This is especially true for a consummate city slicker like me, having lived 28 years of my life in Bombay; so 'get out' is exactly what I did. Six weeks back I started off on a journey with lofty ambitions (check previous post). With grandiose plans I set off to 'slow travel' in Spiti. . Two weeks into my trip, as I stood at this maidan at the mouth of the Pin Valley National Park, I finally gave in and submitted to the mountains and the sky. I felt part of a natural system that has been in perpetual motion since eternity. A great force that humbles both the lofty mountains and dogged human spirit. . In the cities everything is man made and getting bigger. Our sense of scale is seriously warped and it is difficult to get a true perspective of things. There's no mental space to appreciate the finely tuned workings of nature and consequently no real respect arises for it. No time to pause and reflect or breathe. An endless cycle of plans in our little bubblebath. But when you come to the mighty Himalayas everything breaks down. It would be a cliche to talk about this and I can go on and on but it's best to just get the hell out and let life happen… Theoretically I knew all of this from before by listening to others or reading about it but I feel this time I've actually understood it cohesively. Something bigger than the collective human race is going on. It's not just about us. Cities don't allow us to realize this. Maybe it's time to shut shop, scale down and move back. . . . . . . . #spitiitinamine #IamATraveler #mountainmusings #pinvalley #pinvalleynationalpark #mudh #maidan #spiti #lahaulandspiti #spitivalley #pinparvati #pinparvatitrek #bhabhapass #bhabhapasstrek #cloudporn #atameo

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Bhabha Trek can be crowned as one of the best places to do trekking in Manali. Its challenging, its beautiful and it’s an high-altitude trek. What more can anybody want?

It is one of the best crossover and least explored hiking routes in Manali or even in Himachal region. This trail passes from alpine jungles to meadows and stretches from an elevation of 2,700mts to an elevation of 4,865mts. Not only that the Bhabha Pass trek becomes more adventurous when it passes through two famous and beautiful mountain passes, the Kunzum Pass and the Rohtang La Pass. You will never get bored as the typography of this trail changes from time to time from evergreen and rejuvenating Kinnaur valley to the dry cold desert of Spiti. This trail not only gives you an idea of how beautiful India is but also let you feel the prayer flags of the Buddhist Monasteries.

Bhabha Pass trek is not for beginners. To complete this trek you need to have an experience of snow trekking as there are great chances of finding snow at high passes.

Bhabha Pass Trek Details
Maximum Elevation: 5,300mts
Best Time To Visit: June to September
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult
Duration: 08days

So here was the list of “best place for trekking in Manali” (Himachal Pradesh)

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