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What Are The Best Places To Visit In Chakrata (A Chakrata Travel Guide)

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Summary: Planning to explore Chakrata and don’t know which are the best places to visit in Chakrata then here is your Chakrata travel guide. Here I have mentioned some of the best places to see in Chakrata. So to know more about this small hamlet, keep reading this article.

Chakrata is a small hamlet in the Uttarakhand state of India. A cantonment and a scenic town surrounded by gorgeous Himalayan ranges and forests. Being located just an overnight drive from Delhi, it has become one the popular destinations for people staying in Delhi

However, it a small town but there are some amazing things to do in Chakrata. That includes

  • Trekking
  • Caving in Budher Caves
  • Waterfall rappelling
  • Chakrata sightseeing
  • Exploring beautiful waterfalls and many more

So today, I will tell you some of the best places to see in Chakrata and nearby places.
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07 Best Places To See In Chakrata And It’s Nearby Areas

Trek To Tiger Falls

Far away from the hustle & bustle of Dehradun, Tiger falls is one of the best places to visit in Chakrata. A trek to Tiger falls will lead to one of the magnificent and one of the highest waterfalls in India. Untouched by commercialization, Tiger falls is one of the famous picnic spots for many travelers. Surrounded by dense forest and hills, it is still a faraway place for many tourists, so a best place to unwind and relax.

Caving In Budher Caves Chakrata

Caving in Budher caves in Chakrata is a must have experience, if you are planning to visit here. Apart from trekking and hiking, this small town is also known for caving. And Budher caves is the place to go for.
Located 30 kms from Chakrata, lays the famous Budher caves. Known for their stalactite and stalagmite formations, exploring these caves and caving is one of the best things to do in Chakrata.

Waterfall Rappelling In Chakrata

In this Chakrata travel guide, the next place to visit in Chakrata is Kimona Falls. Many travelers or tourists, might not have heard about this falls as it is still untouched.

It is a small waterfall and people hardly visit it. But this place is known for something which you might not get in other parts of Uttarakhand and that is waterfall rappelling.

Yes, you heard it right.

Unlike Tiger falls, Kimona falls is known for waterfall rappelling. So if you are an adventure seeker this is a must visit place in Chakrata.

Exploring Deoban

In our list of best places to visit in Chakrata Uttarakhand, Deoban is another place which is a must visit place. Deoban means ‘Gods own forest’ and as the name suggests it is a picturesque spot surrounded by dense forest. This scenic hilly terrain will give you some amazing Himalayan views.

Enjoying Sunsets At Chilmiri Neck

Among the best places in Chakrata for sightseeing is Chilmiri Neck. Located just 20 -30 minutes from Chakrata town, this place is a heaven for people looking for some breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. From here, you can get a clear view of Swarga peak, Rohini peak, and Bandarpunch Massif, and thus make it one of the best places for sightseeing in Chakrata.

Scenic views, dense forest, different species of birds and butterflies make it a great place to see in Chakrata.

Moigad Falls

Like other places and things to do that I have earlier mentioned for Chakrata Uttarakhand, This place is a little far from the town but one of the best places to see in and around Chakrata. Moigad Falls is located about 69 kms from Dehradun and is on the Delhi – Yamunotri road. A scenic waterfall and is one of the top places in Chakrata for sightseeing. The milky water of Moigad falls attracts a lot of tourists from Delhi and nearby regions.

Exploring The Ruins Of Lakhamandal

In our list of the best places to visit in Chakrata, the last Chakrata sightseeing destination or tourist place is Lakhamandal.

Lakhamandal is a famous Shiva temple located in Chakrata – Mussoorie highway.This temple basically includes a huge Shiva temple with a lot of ruins of several other temples. Lakhamandal also has a great mythological and historical significance for locals. It is huge and beautiful with a backdrop of mountains.

So here are the 07 best places to see in Chakrata.
However there certain other stuff which you must be keeping in mind before planning your trip to this small town in Uttarakhand. Here is a list of

Things To Do In Chakrata

Trekking & Hiking: If you are an adventure seeker then this place provides you a lot of opportunities to try your luck. The hiking trails in this region take you through some of the most undulating valleys, dense forests, hushed hamlets and will let you experience some of the most breathtaking views of nearby peaks.

Camping: Being an untouched destination not much accommodation options are available in Chakrata. So to cope up with the situation, many travelers and backpackers bring their own camps and tents and pitch it under the open sky. There are plenty of open space and level ground where you can set up your tent and enjoy the stars. Just make sure you are not camping near the military base.

Exploring Villages: Exploring villages is one of the top things to do when in Chakrata. Two of the most popular villages that many tourists visit after coming here are Jaunsari and Makhti Pokhari. Jaunsari is known for its unique wooden architecture whereas Makhti Pokhari offers amazing views of some gorgeous valleys nearby. You may even visit these villages to learn more about their customs, traditions, festivals and how they manage their life.


Q: How to reach Tiger Falls?

Ans: Located 22 kms from main Chakrata town, you have to either book a private cab or you can do a 5kms trek from main Chakrata town to Tiger falls.
Note: Being located in a remote area, frequent cabs are unavailable.

Q: Which is the best time to visit Chakrata?

Ans: Chakrata is one of that kind of place where you can visit throughout the year.

So here was my Chakrata Travel guide and hope you like this list of 07 best places to visit in Chakrata.

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