A List Of Some Of The Best Street Food In Goa Which You Must Try

Article Summary: Goa is a land known for its parties, secluded beaches and street foods. Being a blogger, I always get questions related to best options for street food in Goa or the best places to eat in Goa. So today with this article, I am going to share you the list of best and famous places & restaurants to eat in Goa.

Goan food and cuisines is a mix of local spices, foreign dishes and an exotic blend of sea options. Goa has been invaded by many invaders: first it was Portuguese then it was hippies and lately it was invaded by travellers from round the globe. So it means that you will get a fusion of everything.

So let’s now see where and what to eat in Goa?
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Cutlet Pao ( St. Cruz Church)

Source: Source: http://dustysfoodieadventures.blogspot.in/2017/02/cutlet-pao-goan.html

And being one of the popular spots, you will find a lot of shops selling snacks on blue carts just adjacent to the church. These street food carts in Goa, are known for the variety of food options they provide. And one of the must try street food in Goa is Cutlet Pao.
This street delicacy is basically a bread layered with cabbage, salad, local Goan curry with a huge chunk of meat. Apart from Cutlet Pao, you may also try Fish chops and Beef Tongue roast.

Where to Eat: Umao’s or Costa’s
Address: St. Cruz Church (Near to the ground)
What to eat: Cutlet bread / Cutlet Pao(Rs. 60), Beef Tongue Roast (Rs. 50) and Fish Chops (Rs. 50)

D’Silva Fast Food (Miramar)

what to eat in Goa
Source: https://www.zomato.com/goa/dsilva-panaji

Miramar beach might not be the most visited beaches in Goa like Baga, Vagator and Calangute but it has something that most other beaches miss. And that is they don’t have Mr. D’Silva. Mr. D’Silva is the owner of D’Silva Fast Food Centre and is known for its flavourful and juicy Choris Pav and Cutlet. This street food joint is also one of the best places to eat in Goa for a good beef chilly fry, pork chops and beef croquettes.
So if you are here then do visit this street food joint in north Goa.
Address: Dr Jack de Sequeira Rd, Miramar Beach, Panjim Goa
What to eat: Beef Cutlet (Rs. 50), Chicken Cutlet Bread (Rs. 60)

Dom Pedros (Margao)

street food in north Goa
Source: http://lokaso.in/street-food-joints-goa/

Do you love exploring bakeries or you are looking for some Portuguese food in Goa?
If your answer is yes, then Dom Pedros can be one of the best & cheap street food joints in south Goa.
Like other local street food joints, this place is a heaven for food lovers. Located in Old Margao near to the central circle this bakery is famous for its Goan snacks. One of its highlights is Prawns Rissois. This prawn dish is primarily a Portuguese snack dish. However this small local food joint in Goa is also very popular for its delicious Cheese cutlets, beef samosas, doughnuts and spring rolls.
Unfortunately, if you cannot visit Margao, then they have a secondary outlet in Vasco too.

Address: Pajifond, Margao
What to eat: Beef Samosas (Rs. 15), Prawn Rissois (Rs. 10)

Sandeep’s Vada Pav (Ponda)

street food in south Goa
Source: greatindianfood.in

Vada Pav is one of the best veg street food in Goa as well as in Mumbai.  And trust me it tastes heaven.

And Sandeep’s Cold Drinks is a famous name across Ponda for its delicious Vada Pav. Set up in the 80’s, it has created a range of loyal foodies who loves visiting this small street food joint whenever they are in Goa. Located in Farmagudi just outside the Ganesha Temple, you will find a lot of students from GEC and PES college here. The mouth watering Vada pav is one of the cheap & best things to eat in Goa. You can just go to Farmagudi and ask anyone about Sandeep’s stall and they will surely guide you there.

Address: Farmagudi, Ponda, Goa (near to Ganesha temple)
What to eat: Vada Pav

Chicken Cutlet Bread (Betalbatim)

non veg places to eat in Goa
Source: https://www.talkingstreet.in/different-local-goan-eateries-that-must-be-on-every-travelers-must-do-list/

Food is the first thing that Goan people loves and that is why you will find a lot of stalls in Goa serving different delicacies. Being a place known for its sea food, Goa is also known for some of its local chicken delicacies. And if you are looking for some chicken stuff, then chicken cutlet bread can be one of the best things to eat in Goa for your snacks
And if you are near to Betalbatim then you are at the right place. As here is a small eatery shop located just 100mtrs from Da Tita italian restaurant, serves amazing deep fried chicken as well as beef cutlet tucked inside Goan Poie bread with Goan sauce and salad.
Don’t you think it’s delicious and you should try this street food in Goa.

Address: Betalbatim (Near to Da Tita Italian Restaurant)
What to eat: Chicken & Beef Cutlet (Rs. 50)

Texeiras (Ribandar)

restaurants to eat in Goa
Source: http://bongong.com/recipe/beef-cutlets

In this list of best street food in Goa or the famous & cheap places to eat in Goa the last spot goes to  Texeira. Run by Mr. George Texeira, it a small street food joint in Rinadar (Goa) famous for its Beef chilly, Pork chops and Cutlet bread. All these items are served with a simple salad.
Address: Remedios Chapel, Ribandar
What to eat: Beef Chilly, Pork Chops & Cutlet Bread (Rs.70)

However you may also check out this video once for more details on Goan street foods: 

Goan street food has lot of options to serve. This list tells you some of the best places to eat in Goa, however there are some other street food joints in Goa which are yet not mentioned.
So if you know something that you think need to be mentioned in this list.
Do share with me.
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