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10 Cities Every Tourist Needs to Visit in Germany

Are you going to Germany this holiday season but stuck between which city to visit? Remember that being an eclectic nation, there is a vast diversity in Germany and every city possesses its attractions as well as cuisines. So, your trip can be more enthralling and enticing after getting familiarised with some of the worth-seeing towns in Germany. Here is a showcasing...

Himachal Kashmir Uttarakhand weather update

Replan Your Trips as Heavy Rain, Snow and Avalanche May Likely to Hit Himachal, Kashmir and Uttrakhand

Updated on Feb 23; Rain, snow in Western Himalayas until today afternoon, thereafter dry weather As predicted by Skymet Weather, heavy snowfall has occurred over the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand during the last 24 hours. All the three hilly states were painted in white with roadways getting majorly affected. In fact, in wake of heavy...

Narara and Pirotan Island

A Trip to Narara and Pirotan Island

I can proudly call myself a well-informed and a well-traveled individual. But that pride was challenged when I recently learned that there is a small coral reef on the Gulf of Kutch adjoining an island which houses the country’s first ever Marine National Park. Neither had I heard of this unique place nor ever visited. So, it was time to turn the newly-learned trivia...

best travel tips for Goa

06 Best Travel Tips & Tricks for Goa to Keep Your Trip Under Budget

Goa is one of the most visited and sought after destinations for many Indians and foreign nationals as well. And you know why? Beautiful beaches, chilled beer, delicious street food and heaven for shopaholics. What more you need for a good retreat? However, there is one thing that many travel bloggers and travel experts don’t tell you is the price that you have to...