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Delhi to Ladakh by Bus

Here is How to Travel From Delhi to Ladakh by Bus in Just 40 Hrs

Are you a backpacker? A solo traveler? Or a budget traveler? And planning to visit Leh and Ladakh? If yes, then you might know how costly a Leh and Ladakh trip can be. A bike trip might cost you between 15 – 20k. Whereas a 4 wheeler road trip would cost you between 20 -30K. And if you are going for a package trip then there is no limit 😛 Isn’t it awesome? Haha…I...

Why Ladakh is Famous

Why Ladakh is Famous? Do You Know the Reasons?

Leh & Ladakh is a dream destination for many of us. However, only a few lucky ones visit this valley every year. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say this land of high passes has been there on almost every traveler’s must-visit places list. But that was not the case earlier. It was quite an unknown land for many before 2009. But after the release of a Bollywood movie...

Long Weekends in 2019

10 Extended or Long Weekends in 2019! Which Should Be There In Everyone’s Calendar

India is a land of festivals and celebrations. And sometimes these festivals give you an extra bonanza when it sums up with a weekend. Ooohhh yes.. you guessed it right! I am talking about Indian Public Holidays for 2019. I know many of you have not yet started planning your weekend trips for next year. As you might not have received your 2019 Holiday calendar from...