Have you been to trekking?

If yes, then have you ever shared a tent with a stranger who is hard to handle or just make you go bonkers?

If yes, then here is something which you should read and share with others for a good camping experience.

In trekking, I always say a compatible partner is all what you always need!

When you are trekking with a stranger or even with your friends, there are some etiquettes or manners that are must have for a good camping experience..

These manners can make or break a trip.

So here are few norms or tent etiquette that you as a trekker and a mate should follow while trekking in the Himalayas or any other region.

Keep Your Tent Clean & Tidy

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This is one camping etiquette that many of us need to take care of.

Being a traveler, who has been to a lot of trekking expeditions with many unknown trekkers from all around India. There is one thing, that I always hate and i.e. an unclean and messy tent. See, an untidy tent never looks good so better keep it clean and hygienic.

In addition to it, don’t keep all your stuff lying around. Keep out a few basic stuffs that you might need and repack it again. & yes, always try to leave your tent spotless, as it’s good for you as well as for your mate.

Say ‘No’ to Drying Clothes on Tent

Drying clothes over your tent is not at all a good idea, as the wet patches gradually damage your tent over a period of time. Neither it helps in drying up your clothes as well.
A better option is to carry a rope and tie it on trees or dry your clothes on huge rock boulders if available on your campsite.

Don’t Unpack & Repack

Another camping etiquette that we should keep in mind is to avoid unpacking and then repacking in tents. It’s a simple sign of an inefficient trekker. If you are going for a trek, make sure you keep all your important stuffs at the top layer of your backpack so that you don’t have to unpack fully. Plus for toiletries, try to keep it in outer flaps.

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Keep your Shocks & Shoes Outside

Many of us keep their shoes & shocks inside the camp but this is one tent etiquette, that everyone should follow. Even if it’s raining or snowing outside, pack your shoes and shocks in a plastic bag and keep it out.

And yes, also change your socks every day even if they do not smell. After a days trek, there are chances that bacteria starts growing on your moist socks. So better change it and keep it outside.

Clean Yourself Everyday

Many have a false notion that they don’t sweat when the temperature is cold. And trust me that’s a myth.
You sweat may be not like summers but you do.
So before sleeping, take a wet tissue or a handkerchief and clean you sweaty parts.
Hygienic for you & for your camp-mate as well.
And yes, if you are using a wet tissue make sure you pack it in a plastic bag and then dump them back at home.

Carry Your Garbage with You & Don’t Litter

Nature has not been designed to take care of your garbage. So better preserve it.

You want to smoke? Smoke!
You want to drink? Drink!
Need tissues for nature’s call? Then use!

But don’t litter it all over the campsite.

To avoid this, you can carry a plastic bag where you can dump all your leftovers like cigarette buts, tissue papers, wet tissues and so on. And if you are using tissues for wiping purpose then dig a hole and bury it there only.

Keep nature clean.

Avoid Loud Music

Keep in mind that you are going for camping and not for any ‘Honey Singh concert’. So try to be silent.
Not everyone like loud music while camping is jungles. So keep an earphone with you and respect other campers as well.
I have seen guys and girls who doesn’t understand the meaning of solitude and come up with some really crazy songs with a sound system.

Try avoiding it & respect the law of the jungle!

Don’t Trespass Another Camping Site

A major no-no in tent etiquette is strolling through another camper’s area. If you are camping near to another group, respect their privacy and don’t just walk over to their area. Unless, you have been invited!
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Respect the Laws

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Every region and camping zone has a follow set of rules that you need to follow like:

  • Never feed any wild animal.
  • No loud music.
  • Light off after 8 pm.
  • No cleaning of utensils.

So try to respect the laws and be a good & responsible trekker.

So follow this camping etiquette or tent etiquette before going for any kind of camping in the Himalayas.

Hope you liked this article.

These are some rules which are practiced throughout the globe. If you want to share any other tips to the readers mention it in the comment section or r can message me on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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