Article Summary: Today with this article, I will tell you every information that you might need to plan or visit Hornbill 2018 or you may also say Hornbill festival 2018. For example: why is hornbill festival celebrated, hornbill festival 2018 dates, tickets & its price, events list, festival photos, how to reach Hornbill festival and many more. So to know all these keep reading.
Being a backpacker and a travel blogger, who has been traveling for last 10+ years. I have seen and visited a lot of Indian festivals but for me, Hornbill festival has its own place. It is vibrant with a lot of vibrant colors.
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What is Hornbill Festival?

Naga people who are basically the inhabitants of Nagaland, has a rich tradition, customs, and heritage. In spite of modern advancements and technology, these Naga tribes like to stick with their traditions, which have ultimately helped them to preserve their customs and legacy even in the 21st century.

These local Naga tribes love to celebrate and that is why the Nagaland state have a lot of festivals all around the year celebrating their ancient warriors, folk heroes, love stories and their culture. And one of the famous and most celebrated festivals is Hornbill festival. The festival happens every year on the first weekend of December. It is one of the most cherished and popular festivals of Nagaland.

The festival is named after one of the most venerated bird species ‘Hornbill’. The Hornbill bird has a great importance in their culture and traditions and hence you can see this bird in a number of songs, dances and even in their cultural expressions.

Even being a society mostly dependent on agriculture, The Naga tribes are basically a warrior tribe who used to hunt and fight for new territories. And hence, to showcase their traditions Hornbill festival is celebrated.

Why Is Hornbill Festival Celebrated?

Hornbill festival is known as the ‘Festival of Festivals’. It is organized by State Tourism and Arts and Culture Department, Government of Nagaland to promote Naga culture, its traditions, values and also to encourage inter-tribal harmony. This festival basically helps the state and the tribes to preserve their heritage by displaying their war skills, rituals, and unique customs.

Being a popular festival for tourists and travelers, the festival also helps the locals to earn some extra income during these seven days.

Hornbill Festival 2018 Date

Hornbillbill festival is one of the most popular festivals in Nagaland and is celebrated annually during the 1st week of December. However, from 2013 the committee has extended the festival for few more days.
So the dates for Hornbill 2018 is December 1 to December 10th.

Where is the Hornbill festival held in 2018?

Every year, the festival is organized at NagaHeritage Village which is located around 12 kms from Kohima (Nagaland). The festival starts at 9 am each day and ends at 6 pm.
Note: The Naga Heritage Village is at Kisama.

How To Reach Naga Heritage Village (Kisama)?

You can reach Naga Heritage Village by booking a taxi from Kohima. There are lots of shared taxis from Kohima taxi stand which ply between both these places.
Note: Try leaving this place early as getting a taxi or bus is hard during the evening.

How To Get Hornbill Festival 2018 Tickets & It’s Price?

Getting Hornbill festival tickets for 2018 is not that hard. You can get the tickets at the entry gate only.

Hornbill Festival Tickets Price/Fee List?

  • Entrance fees: Rs. 20
  • DSLR Camera: Rs. 30
  • Video Camera: Rs. 50

Hornbill Festival 2018 Events List

The mornings of Hornbill festival are packed with dance performances, completions, rallies, war skills and so on where evenings are lighted by rock concerts where bands from all over the world compete with each other to get the most favorite band trophy.
Would suggest you to watch this video just to get an idea, why you should visit the rock concert: 

This is followed by an amazing night market in Kohima, where you will get the chance to enjoy a lot of street foods and local cuisines.
However, the most attractive and attention-grabbing competition during the festivals is pork eating and chilly eating competition which draws a lot of crowds.
Watch this video to live the excitement of chilly eating competition

The event list of 2018 is yet not published by Nagaland Tourism board, so till that time, you may check out this image to get an idea of the last year’s events list with timings. As every year, the list kind of remains the same.

Event List Of 2017

Tips For Travelers Visiting Hornbill 2018

Being a travel blogger who has visited this festival twice, I would like to share some of my tips which will become very handy if planning to visit Hornbill festival 2018.

  • Kohima doesn’t have lots of staying options so during the festival sometimes getting a hotel is hard. So try booking your stay in advance.
  • The hotel rates during the festival remain high so try booking a hotel which is a little bit far from the main market.
  • If planning to buy a souvenir try doing some bargaining. It would surely help you in getting your stuff at a good rate
  • Try getting the brochure from the information center located just near the festival site. It contains all the details of the festival like events, timings, attractions near Kohima etc.

So here was my travel guide for Hornbill festival 2018. If you have any info. that you might want to add to mail me or put it in the comment section.

So leaving you with some images from the Hornbill festival, just to get you excited 😛

Hornbill Festival Photos/Images

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The Konyak tribe of Nagaland was known for its vicious headhunting practice for centuries, right until the 1970s. In fact, back in the day, they would hang the heads of their enemies on the walls of their morung (communal houses). The skulls hanging in the picture are small in size and they seems like humans, but these are monkeys skull. Today, instead of human heads, you will be greeted by the skulls of animals they've hunted. This lovely picture has been shared with us by @saurabhbhattacharya . . #incredibleindia #hornbillfestival #nagaland #india_undiscovered #festival #colours_of_india #konyak #headhunters #igersofindia #indiaclicks #travelphotography #storiesofindia #northeastindia #worldphotographersclub #wanderlust #skull #culture #traditions #travel_captures #tribesofindia #discoverindia #travellust

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At the Hornbill Festival, each Naga tribe is represented by a MORUNG (a youth dormitory that used to be an essential part of Naga way of life. Traditionally, young boys and girls were admitted in their respective dormetries where they would learn about their culture, folk music, folk tales and various forms of art like wood carving and weaving). There's lots happening in and around a morung. See some local specialities being cooked in a traditional slow cooking method and sample an authentic Naga meal. Interact with the tribes or learn a few tribal moves. . . . #tutc #nagaculture #morungs #nagaland #nagalandtourism @discovernagaland @nagalandtourism #nagalandpost #traditions #architecture #cooking #food #people #culturevulture #culturetrip #tribes #tribesofnagaland #HornbillFestival #hornbillfestival #hornbill2018 #northeast_india #indianculture #indiantraveller #peoplephotography #placesaroundtheworld #placestovisit #culturalexperience #culturalfestival

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