How To Reach Majuli Assam

How To Reach Majuli Assam?

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How to reach Majuli (Assam), is one of the biggest questions that everyone asks when planning to visit there. So today, I will tell you the ways through which you can reach this place easily and conveniently.

Majuli is a huge river island in Brahmaputra River and is located just 20 kms from Jorhat town in Assam. And Jorhat is around 200 kms from Guwahati, which is the capital of Assam.

So to reach Majuli, first you have to reach Jorhat and from there you need to book a tuk-tuk or an auto to Neemati Ghat.
Note: Neemati Ghat is the place from where the ferries start for Majuli Island

How To Reach Majuli Assam

How To Reach Majuli By Road

Being a river island, Majuli is not connected by roads. You can reach Jorhat which is well connected with other cities in Assam and from Jorhat take a ferry to Majuli.

How To Reach Majuli By Train/Railways

Majuli is not connected by railways tracks either. As I said earlier, you need to first com to Jorhat and from there make your onward journey. By the way, Jorhat has a railway station and is well connected with other major cities.
To book railway tickets you may use India Railways Official website

How To Reach Majuli By Air

Majuli is a small village and doesn’t have any airport. To reach Majuli by air you have to either take a flight to Jorhat or Guwahati and then from Guwahati take a bus or cab to Jorhat. Jorhat is around 20 kms from Majuli.

How To Reach Majuli By Waterways

Majuli is connected to the outer world only through one medium and that is ‘Waterways’. There are a number of ferries, which starts from Neemati Ghat in Jorhat to Majuli.

Note: The last ferry to Majuli is at 3 pm.
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Hope now you have an idea on ‘How to reach Majuli Island in Assam’

If you have any other questions regarding Majuli…ask me in the comment section.

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