I am a professional travel blogger and I love to capture photographs and also shoots for events, ceremony, corporate, wedding, advertisement etc… I use to save all the data on my Western Digital hard drive as a backup.

I learned it the hard way that Western Digital hard drives need to be handled carefully despite being the most efficient and reliable data storage device in the market. I accidentally dropped one of my Western Digital hard drive which had some important photographs. When I tried connecting the drive, I couldn’t locate any data. The WD hard drive was not accessible on any laptop. I also tried connecting it to different ports, but it was not working.I was like, I lost all my data but the moment I researched about how dropping the hard drive can lead the data loss. I found a link on the internet which contains information of western digital hard drive recovery. Here I am sharing my personal experience of data loss and how I recovered data from western digital hard drive?

Luckily for me, I found the Stellar Data Recovery which had great reviews from customers. I did not attempt to recover the data from myself and approached them immediately. I submitted my hard drive and received a diagnosis of the hard drive within a few days.

The diagnosis revealed the hard drive was damaged and I was keen to know how data will be recovered from a damaged hard drive. I grilled the stellar representative and got all the relevant information about the data recovery process, the possibility of data recovery from WD hard drive, data recovery cost, estimated time for data recovery etc. After getting all the satisfactory answers I handed over my WD hard drive to them with the high hope of getting data back from my physically damaged hard drive.

As external hard drives are an essential part of my business, I decided to learn more about it so that I wouldn’t have to face the problem of data loss ever again. I found out that whenever the hard drive shows unknown error-

  • Stop using the drive immediately and not store any more data on it.
  • Don’t try to fix it using unreliable hit and trial methods as well as data recovery software claiming to ‘fix’ the drive.

What are the causes of data loss from WD hard drive?

As more and more businesses are going digital and using external hard drives for storage, understanding the reasons for hard drive failures is of utmost importance.

Causes for WD hard drive showing unknown error can be divided into three groups:

  1. Physical – Failure due to fire, flood, improper handling such a dropping it, wear and tear due to age, and mechanical parts fall under physical reasons.
  2. Logical – Failure due to virus and malware attacks, accidental deletion or formatting, corruption of the operating system fall under logical reasons.
  3. Electronics – Failures due to power fluctuations, overheating due to faulty fans fall under electronic failure.

I learned that physical reasons such as dropping the hard drive could damage the internal parts such as read/write arm, spindle, platter and the data becomes inaccessible. Therefore, in the case of physical failures, it is always recommended to seek help from professional data recovery service providers to recover the data.

In case of logical failures, disassembly is usually not required so sometimes it is possible to recover the data using professional data recovery software, but many times if the cause of the failure is a virus attack, the data may be encrypted, and you may not be able to recover it yourself.

For most other reasons when the hard drive is not accessible, recovering data from an undetected external hard drive is a complicated task and should be left for the experts.

Like for me, the experienced team of data recovery experts at Stellar Data Recovery informed that the read/write head of my drive was damaged due to the fall. This comes under physical damage.

To recover data from physically damaged hard drives, it must be opened in Class 100 Clean Room Labs. A Class 100 CLEAN ROOM is a controlled environment where pollutants such as dust, chemical vapors, airborne microbes, etc. are at a considerably low level. It is mandatory for opening all damaged hard drives and other storage media devices.

The data recovery experts at Stellar successfully recovered the entire data from my physically damaged Western Digital hard drive. I highly satisfied with their services. Even the customer support was very responsive they provided a regular update on the progress of my data recovery case.

How does the Stellar Data Recovery Service for WD Hard Drive work?
Stellar Data Recovery

The step by step process of data recovery is explained below –

  1. Submission of the media – Client submits the drive in the recovery centre and fills the ‘Media Assessment Form’. A unique job-id is assigned to the media.
  2. Analysis – The technician runs proprietary data recovery software to determine the state of the drive and prepares an assessment report. The assessment report consists of –
  • State of the drive.
  • The possibility of recovery.
  • Problem type.
  • Time and cost estimate.
  1. Consultation with the client – The team shares the assessment report with the client, explains detailed findings and answers all queries.
  2. Data Recovery – Once the client approves time estimate and quotation, data recovery is made.
  3. Data Verification – Post recovery, the client receives the list of files to verify. The client can either visit the data recovery center for verification or do it over TeamViewer.
  4. Data Delivery – After approval from the client and payment, recovered data is delivered to the client in a new external hard drive provided by the client.
  5. Data Wiping – 7 days after data delivery, complete data is wiped from the server.

Based on my experience, from the first interaction to the last, I can vouch for the excellent service the professionals at Stellar Data Recovery provided. They offer-

  • 100% safe and secure data recovery
  • ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified organization
  • Recovering data since 1993
  • 15 Branches across India
  • No-Recovery, No-charge policy
  • Class 100 clean room for physically damaged hard drive
  • 10% Discount on data recovery from WD hard drives
  • Data recovery from all types of data loss scenario
  • Top rated recovery service with upto 95% success rate

With an experience of handling over 7000 Western Digital Hard Drive recovery jobs per year across data recovery centers in all major cities, Stellar Data Recovery is the most preferred recovery service provider in India. They have shared some tips on how data backup can help us to save all the data from Data Loss.

Disclosure: It is a guest post and all the opinions mentioned here are of the writer.

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