Are you a backpacker?

A solo traveler?

Or a budget traveler?

And planning to visit Leh and Ladakh?

If yes, then you might know how costly a Leh and Ladakh trip can be.

A bike trip might cost you between 15 – 20k.

Whereas a 4 wheeler road trip would cost you between 20 -30K.

And if you are going for a package trip then there is no limit 😛

Isn’t it awesome?

Haha…I know, paying 30K just for Ladakh can be a tough ask for many of us.

And that is why today, I will guide you on how you can reach Leh in under Rs. 2000 from Delhi.

So if a bike trip or a package tour is putting a hole in your pocket then all you need to do is to catch a bus!

It’s that easy!

Yes, now you can travel from “Delhi to Ladakh by bus” in just 40 hrs.

Started last year, this Delhi to Leh bus service is one of the toughest, longest and highest bus route around the world. The bus passes through some of the gorgeous valleys and passes, however, the temperature variations, high altitude, and so-called roads will test your mettle for sure.

It’s a little bit hard but would fit your budget.

And here’s the bus schedule for you:

  • Delhi ISBT (Dep.)- 2:30 pm
  • Chandigarh Sec.43 (Dep.)- 8:30 pm
  • Kullu (Dep.)- 5:30 am
  • Manali (Dep.)- 7:15 am
  • Keylong (Arr.)- 1:30 pm (Night halt)
  • Keylong (Dep.)- 5:00 am
  • Leh (Arr.)- 7:00 pm

Price:  Rs. 1365 per person, one way

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being a blogger, I always receive questions on my Facebook and Instagram accounts on this topic and today, I will try to answer all of them

Q: Which state transport department run this bus service?

Ans: It’s the Himachal Road Transport Corporation or also known as HRTC runs Delhi to Leh bus service.

Q: From where can I buy the tickets for Delhi or Chandigarh to Leh Bus? Can I book it online?

Ans: As far I Know, there is no option to do online booking. You have to physically visit Kashmiri Gae bus stand in Delhi or the Chandigarh bus depot to book your ticket.

Q: What is the bus timing and at what time does it leave Delhi?

Ans: Mentioned below are the bus departure timings, so plan accordingly:

  • Delhi: 02:30 pm
  • Chandigarh: 8.30 PM
  • Kullu: 5:30 AM
  • Manali:  7:00 AM
  • Keylong: 05:00 AM
  • Leh (Arrival) – 7 PM

Q: How much time it will take to reach Leh?

Ans: The total travel time is 35 hours and if you include the night stay the total journey time would be around 35 hours.

Q: What is the total bus fare from Delhi to Ladakh?

Ans: A one-way ticket will cost you around Rs. 1365 per person.
Keep in mind, this bus service by HRTC is just an extension of Delhi Keylong bus service which used to run earlier. The first ticket is for Delhi to Keylong which will cost you around Rs. 800 and from Keylong to Leh, you will have to buy another ticket of Rs. 565. And the rates don’t include your night stay and fooding.

Q: Do they provide any night halt?

Ans: Yes, you can do a night halt in Keylong but it is self-paid and the tickets don’t include the cost of your night stay at Keylong.

Q: Can you tell me where can I get down to have food?

Ans: Here is a list of halts that the bus takes:

  • 1st-day evening snacks: Karnal
  • 1st-night dinner: Ropar
  • 2nd-day early morning break: Pandoh
  • 2nd-day breakfast: Gulaba
  • 2nd-day lunch: Koksar
  • 3rd-day breakfast: Bharatpur near Baralacha La
  • 3rd-day lunch: Pang
  • 3rd-day evening snacks: Upshi

Apart from this the bus also stops for 10 to 15 mins at major mountain passes like Khardungla, Baralacha and so on.

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A quick brief on the journey

The journey starts from Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate. The bus runs every alternate day at 1430 hours pm and reaches Chandigarh by 2000 – 2100 hours.

After a small halt of 10 – 15mins the bus leaves for Kullu. It reaches Kullu by 0500 hours and Manali by 0700 – 0800 hours.

In Manali, you have to change the bus and have to board a new bus for Keylong. After an hour halt, you would leave for Keylong. Where you will probably reach by late afternoon.

After an overnight stay and a good rest at Keylong, your will start your next day by 0500 – 0600 hours and arrive Leh by 1900 hours the same day.

Some More Details

Delhi to Leh bus is operated by Himachal Pradesh Tourism.
Departure Details: Every alternate day (till Sept 15) from ISBT,
Counter No: 7
Time: 1430 hours
Kashmiri Gate ISBT Contact No: 011- 23868694
ISBT Chandigarh (Himachal counter): 0172-2668943
Manali Bus Depot: 01902-252323, 01902-252116 & 01902-253147
Keylong Bus Depot: 01900-222245
Hope now you have a fair idea on how to travel from Delhi to Ladakh by bus.

However, if you have any other questions you can comment below or can message me on both of my above-mentioned accounts.

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