Article Summary: Have a canine and want to travel with him? Then here is a guide which you should read before planning your trip. So with this article, I will tell you how to travel with a dog and what preparation you should take before planning for this trip.

Traveling with your dog is a dream for many. When you decide to travel with your dog, there are many factors to take into account like climate, dog accessories, shoes, and jackets.

Just like you, your dog also has a personality.

Not every dog is comfortable on a long road or air trip.

Ideally, the best way to start is to take your dog wherever you go. This would make him used to the small travels. There are many modes of transportation, and each comes with its own set of challenges.

Let us first understand the steps for getting ready for a trip with your dog.

Preparing for Your Trip

The first step after you decide a travel destination is to research the rules and regulations for animals at the destination like the transportation restrictions and quarantine laws.

Plan ahead for your accommodation.

If you are planning to stay with family, friends check whether dogs are welcome there or not. If you are planning to stay in a hotel, then apps like Bring Fido help in finding pet-friendly accommodations and restaurants.

Get a health certificate from your vet stating that your dog is healthy and has all the necessary vaccinations for the trip.

You can microchip your dog with a painless procedure that doesn’t even require anesthesia. This procedure implants a small chip (like the size of a grain) just under the skin as a permanent ID for your pet.

Now let’s look at the precautions to take while traveling on the road and in the plane.

Precautions on the Road

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Traveling with a dog can be challenging but Frieda was born to travel. Since she grew up on the road with me, she is so used to just adapt to new situations. When I open the door of the truck she never knows what to expect but she learned to take life the way it comes. Let’s say: She is simply a dog and that’s what dogs do 🤷🏽‍♂️ so there is no secret behind traveling with a dog. It’s just letting the dog behave like a dog. They will figure a way out in strange situations. I trust her to work things out herself. But if she needs support, I’m always her backup. Works for us… We became a pack. Okay! It’s a little pack. But hey 👋 it’s our pack 😁 #teamvizsla #vizsla #traveldog #dogtravel #dogtraveler #dogtraveler #happydoghappylife #discovering

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Driving on the road is less risky than flying with your furry friend. However, you may want to take precautions while on a road trip with your dog.

  1. Start taking your dog for short rides to get him used to travel in the car before a long trip.
  2. Feed dogs well before your trip start to avoid any motion sickness.
  3. Exercise them many hours before departure so that they are not hot and thirsty inside the car. On a long road trip, take regular breaks and walk your dog.
  4. During the ride, let him sit next to you.
  5. It is very important that you secure your dog with a canine seat belt and restrain them in case you open a window or a door at a pitstop. That way, you do not risk them running away all of a sudden.
  6. Do not pack your car with too many bags. Make sure you have enough space for your dog in the car. If required, install a defender roof rack on top of your car to store the excess luggage.
  7. If you are carrying your dog in a crate, keep it ventilated.
  8. For the safety of your dog, do not let him sit near an open window with the head sticking out. Also, keeping your dog at the back of an open truck is very dangerous and can lead to severe injuries as they may fall out of the vehicle upon applying sudden brakes.
  9. Never leave your dog alone and unattended in a car. On a hot day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 160°F in minutes. Dogs can suffer from heatstroke and may die. Keep the car temperature in check while driving too by switching on the air conditioner during the trip and putting shades on the back and side windows.
  10. If you are riding a bike on a road trip, use a good quality motorcycle carrier to safely carry your dog. For your next off-roading trips, do not forget to check out the attractive Brisbane motorcycle accessories. You can buy motorcycle gear for yourself and your dog.

Precautions on the Flight

It is a bad idea to travel along with your dog on a plane. Dogs can get stressful inside the cargo hold of a plane. Some dogs must be tranquilized before the journey. Traveling by plane should be the last option. You should consider this option, only if you are relocating to a distant place. If at all you must travel with your loyal animal companion, do not forget to refer to some of the guidelines by PETA.
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The above-mentioned points will help you make traveling easy for you and your dog. Remember that animals can experience stress while traveling as well as after reaching the destination. Once you reach your destination, try to maintain a similar healthy exercise and diet routines for your dog. Provide your dog with regular walks, freshwater, playtime, and homely food (without any stomach upsets). Keep your dog on a leash, if you are visiting as a guest to someone’s home. If you are going out on a boat, put a flotation vest on your dog. Keep a track of the local veterinarian clinic nearby to the place of your stay so that you can rush to that place during an emergency.

Hope now you know how to travel with a dog and what precaution you might have to take.

Have an awesome trip with your canine friend.
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