It’s Illegal Visiting This Island In Indian Ocean & Here’s Why

Deep in the Indian Ocean, there is a small island which is still unheard off… and has been kept away from tourist views by the Indian government.

An untouched Island in the Indian Ocean is one of the hardest and dangerous places to visit on the planet. This island is so dangerous that even the Indian government has banned this place for Indians and tourists from going anywhere near to this island. Even going 5kms or 3 miles near to this place is also illegal. You can be jailed.

So now the question is why?

So let’s dig in:

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North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island, Andamana & nicobar islands

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According to sources and various news channels, this island is an old habitat or home of Sentinelese people. These people are from a small tribe named Sentinelese Tribe. They are among the last known living people on earth who are virtually untouched by modern civilization. And are basically hunters who hunt, fish and collect wild plants for their living. They call this island their home and any unknown trying to explore their territory may find himself in grave danger.

The North Sentinel Island came in news and created headlines after two fishermen were attacked and murdered who washed up on the shore unknowingly. As per say, this tribe is very hostile to outsiders and don’t like to communicate with people from outside their tribe.

North Sentinel Island, Andamana & nicobar islands

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Later, even the Indian coast guard were sent to drop food parcels but they were greeted by a group of hostile tribal people with stones and arrows.

This is a small island which is as small as Manhattan and is mostly covered in forests. Learning and getting information about this tribe is very hard. No one has any idea, how they survived and how they reached so far. Even India government has no idea about the population of this island. As per estimates, it may range between 100 – 500 people. According to various anthropologists, this tribe has been living in isolation for last 60,000 years.

It’s not only about the danger of getting killed by them but they are also very vulnerable from us as they don’t have any immunity against routine disease like fever, cold, flu and so on.

North Sentinel Island, Andamana & nicobar islands

As travelers and being a responsible being, we also need to respect their wish to remain isolated. Or else the entire tribe could be seen only in the book. As they might face, the fury of getting wiped out by diseases which they haven’t even heard off.

Following a campaign by an NGO, the Indian government has dropped off their plans of contacting them. As per news, there are no further attempts made to contact or meet them.

Periodic checks from boats were made but keeping a good distance from them. These attempts were made just to ensure that they are healthy and growing. But no contacts were made.

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