Your Kashmir Itinerary / Plan (Where To Stay, Eat & How To Travel)

So whether you are looking for 4 nights 5 days Kashmir itinerary or a 06, 07, 08 or even a 10 days itinerary for Kashmir / Srinagar, here is it. I will tell you everything that you might need for your upcoming trip to Jammu & Kashmir.

Storytellers, bloggers, poets and even Bollywood movies have shown the splendor of Kashmir Valley and the smiling face of the locals. Being a traveler who has been to this region for a couple of times, let me tell you that Kashmir is way beautiful than the stories and the pictures that you have seen on Google.

Information: Kashmir is a region located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and is the northernmost state of India. Jammu & Kashmir also known as J&K, is subdivided into Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh region) and among these Kashmir & Ladakh are the most beautiful. Ladakh is known for its cold deserts, road trips and monasteries whereas Kashmir region is known for its beautiful valleys, dense jungles and lovely weather.
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In recent times, Kashmir is in the news for terrorism and violence due to which a large part of tourism has been affected but still it is one of the best places to visit in India. As I haven’t seen or heard news about attacks on tourists.
So visiting Kashmir is still a viable option for you.

But the biggest question is how to plan a trip to Kashmir or what is the best Kashmir itinerary for 4 nights 5 days, 6 days, 7 days or even 10 days trip???

So let’s see what is the best Kashmir travel itinerary:

What is The Best Kashmir Travel Itinerary For 4 nights 5 days

Kashmir travel itinerary

Defining Kashmir or exploring places like Srinagar or Sonmarg, Gulmarg or Pahalgam is not an easy task under a Kashmir itinerary for 4 nights 5 days. It is suggestible that you include more days in your plan so that you can explore this region in a better way.
However, if you don’t have much time in hand here is a possible Kashmir travel itinerary for 4n 5d.

This itinerary for Kashmir includes 01 night stay in Srinagar, 01 night stay in Gulmarg and 02 nights stay in Pahalgam.

Day 01:
On day 01 of your Kashmir itinerary/plan, arrive at Srinagar by morning and travel to Pahalgam from the airport. You will reach Pahalgam by late afternoon as the distance is around 100 kms and takes around 04 hours.
Pahalgam region is very beautiful and pretty with the Liddar river flowing through Pahalgam gives it a scenic place to rest and unwind. Explore Pahalgam during the evening and stay overnight in a hotel.

Brief Kashmir Itinerary & Details:
Things To Do: Travel from Srinagar to Pahalgam
Travel Distance: 100 kms
Travel Time: 04 hrs
Overnight Stay: Pahalgam
Note: Pahalgam is liquor free area and liquor consumption is a social taboo out here. So you will not find any shops selling liquor out here.
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Day 02:

best plan to visit kashmir

The 2nd day of your Kashmir travel itinerary/plan and today you will be spending your full day in Pahalgam. Exploring nearby areas and beauty of this place. You can go for a horse ride or can hike to the nearby peaks to enjoy the views there.
Reach hotel by evening and overnight stay at the same hotel in Pahalgam.

Brief Itinerary & Details:
Things To Do: Exploring and sight-seeing in Pahalgam
Overnight Stay: Pahalgam

Day 03:
After breakfast, leave your hotel and start your onward journey to Gulmarg. The route to Gulmarg goes via Srinagar and the total distance is around 150 kms which take around 5 hours to complete.
You will reach Gulmarg by afternoon. During the evening you can visit the Gulmarg Mosque, Shiva temple or the famous St. Mary’s Church. Overnight stay at a hotel in Gulmarg.

Brief Itinerary & Details:
Things To Do: Travel from Pahalgam to Gulmarg
Travel Distance: 150 kms
Travel Time: 05 hrs
Overnight Stay: Pahalgam
Note: If you are a non-veg food lover, you may take a pit stop at Tanmarg which is known for its restaurants serving some of the best delicacies in this region.
And if at Tanmarg, do try out Kashmiri Wazwan lunch.

Day 04:

ideal kashmir itinerary

On your 4th day of your Kashmir trip or your itinerary for Kashmir, take an early breakfast as today will be a tiring day.
Post breakfast, take a Gondola ride or hike to Mt. Aphrawat. This peak gives you bird’s eye view of the whole Gulmarg village and nearby Kashmir valley and mark my words the view is simply spectacular. On cloudy days,  you will see the cloud underneath you as this peak is situated at 14,000 ft.
Spend some time there and then you can also visit the Baba Reshi shrine which is a sacred shrine for Kashmiri culture.
After your visit to the shrine, drive back to Srinagar which is only 50 kms from this place and takes around 02 hours to reach. If keen for a houseboat experience can book a houseboat in Dal Lake for an overnight stay.

Brief Itinerary & Details:
Things To Do: Explore Gulmarg and Mt. Aphrawat and by evening travel to Srinagar
Travel Distance: 50 kms
Travel Time: 02 hrs
Overnight Stay: House Boat in Dal Lake

Day 05:
Today is your last day of your trip, take an early breakfast and if time permits take a Shikara ride or can go for a visit to Shalimar Bagh, Shankaracharya temple, and Hazratbal Mosque and then take your flight back home.

However, if you can extend your 4 nights 5 days Kashmir itinerary to 06 nights 0r 07 nights, then you can also add Sonmarg in your Kashmir travel itinerary.

So let’s see, how would your itinerary for Jammu & Kashmir travel itinerary would look if we add Sonmarg.

On day 05, after visiting all the mentioned places you can go for some shopping and an overnight stay in a hotel in Srinagar.

Day 06:

Kashmir packages 7 nights 8 days
On Day 06 of your 06 nights 07 days itinerary for Kashmir, book a cab for Sonmarg. The distance is around 80 kms and it takes around 02 – 03 hours to reach there, depending on the traffic.

In Sonmarg, you can visit Gadsar Lake, Krishnasar Lake and cans hike to nearby forests. Overnight stay in Sonmarg. There are even camping sites in Sonmarg, so if you are looking for a camping experience, you can book accordingly.
Brief Itinerary & Details:
Things To Do: Travel from Srinagar to Sonmarg and Sonmarg sightseeing
Travel Distance: 80 kms
Travel Time: 03 hrs
Overnight Stay: In Sonmarg

So here was a detailed Kashmir travel itinerary for 04 nights 05 days and 05 nights & 06 days.
Hope you liked this article.
For more such details on travel guides, where to stay & eat, tips & tricks follow “The Poor Nomad” travel blog

If you have any questions on Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Srinagar….  Or If I have missed any details or you have something to share about your trip to Kashmir or any particular experience… kindly mention it in the comment section.

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  1. Md Shabbir Ahmad

    We are 3 families having 17 persons including children… Duration of stay…19.4.18 to 26.4.18…. Please send itinerary plan to visit Kashmir for 6 days and 7 nights….

  2. Muffadal

    Hi there, thanks a mill for the details, after reading this I am definitely traveling to Kashmir. I can book hotels online but how do I get a guide to take me around each destination? Alternatively can you provide me with an agent who will book it all for me.

    Planning to travel on the 11th and keenly awaiting your advice.



    1. Post

      Hi Muffadal,

      Apologies for replying you so late.
      However, I would suggest you to contact Vikrant, he is a local guy and do provide budget packages in Kashmir.
      You can contact him at 9422326132 or 9805506927

  3. Parama Guha


    just went through your itinerary and other details and must say this is extremely helpful coming from someone who has ‘been there done that’.

    my father and i plan to embark on a kashmir trip around 20th may 2018.we have about 10 -12 days in hand, may go up by a day or two. could you please suggest an ideal kashmir itinerary for that period? we would like to soak in the natural beauty of the place and hence would love to stay a day or two at gulmarg, pahalgam etc. would also like to venture into yusmarg and other places which may not be frequently visited but have that virgin beauty intact.lesser known places we would love to explore apart from the popular ones.

    could you also tell us if a trip to ladakh or himachal pradesh would be possible along with the trip to kashmir. whether it is advisable or not to merge two trips at all as i have heard its better to take one trip at a time for complete satisfaction and enjoyment. my father is 76, would the high altitude in ladakh be a problem for him?

    it would also be nice of you could share a list of budget hotels in the places that you suggest us to visit. sharing any other details that you deem necessary, would be wonderful.


  4. Post
  5. Anka

    can you also tell me the cost of accommodation and transport there? and is there an open trip kind of thing? since I am planning to travel alone.



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