A trip to Kasol is a dream for many of us!

Am I correct?

If you are reading this article, I guess even you are also planning a Kasol trip in upcoming months.

If your answer is yes, then let me tell you that planning a trip to Kasol is not that easy.

You have to keep in mind various things before going there like:

  • How to reach Kasol
  • Kasol travel itinerary which best suits you
  • Trip budget and so on

So with this Kasol trip planner, I will share with you various tips that you should keep in mind before planning your travel itinerary.

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Why is Kasol so famous?

Kasol is a small hamlet known as a ‘Stoners Paradise’.

A hidden gem in Parvati Valley, however commercialization and urbanization has hit this small village pretty hard.

It’s beautiful but you will also find a lot of hotels and resorts for tourists, making it a commercialized village.

But even being commercialized, there are lots of other things that you may try like:

  • Kasol is the gateway for Tosh
  • A good stop over for the Malana Village
  • And the starting point for the Kheerganga trek

So now I guess, you have a fair idea that why you should travel to Kasol.
However, to know what to do is Kasol you may watch this video:

Now the question is

How to reach Kasol?

Kasol is in Himachal Pradesh. And reaching there from Delhi is at all hard.

From ISBT Kashmiri Gate there are frequent buses which ply to Kullu & Manali. To reach Kasol, you have to get down at Bhuntar & from Bhuntar Kasol is only 32 kms.

Delhi to Kasol Bus Service

Himachal Roadways: 600 INR per person and ply every half an hour

Semi – Delux: 800 INR per person and ply every 02 hours

Delux: 1000 INR per person and ply every 02 hours

Volvo: 1400 per person and the timings are between 1600 – 2100 hours

From there, you will have to de-board the bus at Bhuntar. And from Bhuntar, you can either take a local bus to Kasol (50 INR per person) or can take a taxi (500 INR per person).

So here is how you can reach Kasol.

But I guess a good Kasol travel blog or a travelogue is not complete without an itinerary, for tourists planning to visit with their family and friends.

So here it is:

Kasol Travel Itinerary

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Being a blogger and a traveler, I have been to Kasol couple of times and if you take my suggestion, a trip to Kasol can only be done if you have 03 nights and 04 days in hand.

Day 01:  Arrive at Kasol by 11 am. Book a room and relax for the day.

Day 02: Wake up early and take a bus to Barshaini. Barshaini is the last bus stop on this route and also the place from where you can reach Tosh. (an hour walking distance). Chill and relax at Tosh

Day 03: Wake up early and leave for Kheerganga trek. The trek is moderate and only 05 kms from Tosh and a must visit place in your Kasol trip itinerary.

Day 04: Leave early and take your way back to Kasol. A day for some rest and do some shopping. And by evening take a bus back to Delhi.

Note: Try visiting Manikaran as well which is enroute to Kasol.

This Kasol trip itinerary cum planner would surely help you out in visiting the most beautiful places in Parvati valley.

However, being a weekend destination, I have only suggested you a 03 nights 04 days trip. But if you have more days in hand than you can edit the plan as you like.

You may even visit Malana but for that, you have to add two more days in your Kasol plan.

Kasol Trip Budget

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Now one of the most asked questions that I receive is what is an expected budget if someone plans a trip to Kasol.

Note: if you are looking for an exact budget than you are at the wrong place as it is very hard to come up with an exact trip budget for any location. As you have to understand that:

  • As some of you might love traveling by a Volvo whereas some like it by normal public buses to cut off their transport cost.
  • Some might stay at 3-star hotels whereas some like to stay in hostels.
  • & some prefer to eat Pizzas whereas some street food

So the budget or the cost of a trip depends totally upon you.

However, I would still try to give you a break up of your Kasol trip plan.

Considering you are in Delhi now, you have to book a bus to Bhuntar.
An AC Volvo will cost you around 1400 INR.
So a round trip will cost you 2800 INR

From Bhuntar, there are government public buses to Kasol at regular intervals.
Bhunter – Kasol: 50 INR

Now in Kasol, you will get guesthouses ranging from 500 – 3000 per night for a double sharing room.
Kasol hotel: 500 INR
Note: The rate may increase during season time or on long weekends

A local bus to Tosh will cost you around 30 bucks. To reach Tosh you have to de-board at Barshaini and from there it’s an hour walk.
Kasol to Barshaini  bus:  30 INR

In both Tosh and Kheerganga, the room rates are kind of the same. You will get guesthouses and even tents ranging from 300 – 500 INR
Tosh & Kheerganga stay: (300 + 500) = 800 for two days

And for food, it will cost you 300 – 600 INR per day.
Food budget: (600 * 04 days) = 2,400 INR

So Total trip budget for Kasol would be: (2800 + 50 + 500 + 30 + 800 + 2400) = 6,580 INR
Note: if you are going on a budget you can do it under the mentioned amount, but be ready for some negotiation. As I have mostly mentioned the higher rates for your stay and food.

See it totally depends upon you on how much you want to spend on your Kasol travel. You can customize accordingly and can do it even under 4K.

Now let’s see the

Distance Chart for Parvati Valley

  • Delhi to Bhuntar = 488 kms
  • Bhuntar to Kasol = 35Kms
  • Kasol to Manikaran = 05 kms
  • Manikaran to Barshaini = 08Kms
  • Barshaini to Tosh = 08 Kms
  • Kasol to Tosh = 24 kms

So here is my checklist for your Kasol trip plan.
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