Kolkata is a city known for its culture and food. It’s huge, it’s chaotic and it’s disorganized but still, it has a soul.

Many travelers who have visited Kolkata tends to fall in love with this chaotic life.

Kolkata is a mix of urban and historical buildings. No need to read books, you can just explore it.

However, there is one thing that many of us don’t pay much attention. And that is the electrical junction boxes. After all, we all have seen the electrical junction boxes.

It’s not that hard to find these boxes: ordinary, silver colored and covered with ads of massage parlors, IIT coaching centers, and meditation clubs.

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But all these are changing.

Kolkata CESC Boxes
Source: https://lbb.in/kolkata/seen-art-popping-kolkatas-electric-boxes-yet/

As a project have been set up to remember and celebrate some of the most famous Calcutta residents. And this project has been creating a buzz among the residents.

You can just roam around the city and you will see these CESC power boxes in a number of areas which were earlier the breeding ground of some of the famous personages like Satyajit Ray, Netaji Subhash, Pam Crain, Usha Uthup, Surendra Paul and so on.

But unfortunately, all these CESC boxes were always used for ad purposes or were ignored.

But a small agency from Kolkata, have come up with an idea to jazz up these unattended boxes and also to create awareness about some of the most popular personalities.

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Kolkata CESC Boxes
Source: https://lbb.in/kolkata/seen-art-popping-kolkatas-electric-boxes-yet/

It is really interesting to see how they have created a visual representation of people and highlighting some information about the place or the people.

And the amazing part is that this visual graffiti is not a creation of a big group of artists or a firm. But an idea of Santosh Das and Ranjit Das.

After creating these fabulous creations, now they are planning to come up along Mirza Ghalib Street, Theatre Road and Park Street.

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Kolkata CESC Boxes
Source: https://lbb.in/kolkata/seen-art-popping-kolkatas-electric-boxes-yet/

Do keep an eye, you never know they might come up to paint one of the CESC boxes just in front of your house.

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