A travel guide to Lonar Crater Lake India.

So have you heard of this Lonar crater lake in Maharashtra India??? If not, then let me tell you that it is one of the natural wonders in India, which you should visit when traveling to Maharashtra.

Now one question that might be popping up in your mind is, why should I visit Lonar Crater Lake India?? Is it that beautiful?

And my answer would be yes. Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra India or also known as Lonar Lake is beautiful and has a plethora of archaeological mystery buried underneath it, just waiting to get uncovered by travelers like you.

Formed as a result of a meteor striking around 52,000 years ago, this Lonar Lake is one of the best-hidden secrets in India. Due to its location, many of us had no idea about its existence and kept it hidden from the rest of the world.

As per science, Lonar Crater Lake India is formed due to a meteor collision.

However, there is a local story too which is attached with the lake. The story goes something like this: Long back, there used to be a mythical demon who loves to trouble and harass local people. And to stop this Lord Vishnu descended on earth and used his full force to vanquish this demon. As per them, the demon is buried under this lake.
Here are some interesting facts from this lake:

Why Should Anyone Visit Lonar Crater Lake India???



Most Preserved Cater In The World

It is estimated that there are around 30,000 to 1,50,000 meteors collide with earth every year. But this meteor managed to create the biggest crater in the world and the best part is that it is still preserved.

Witness Migratory Birds

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Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra is a beautiful place which has a lake with great bio-diversified flora and fauna making it one of the best destinations in Maharashtra for bird lovers. You can witness species like golden oriole, black-winged stilts, bayaweavers, brahminy ducks, hoopoes, red-wattled lapwings, shelduck, blue jays, barn owls, larks, parakeet and peafowl.

However, apart from migratory birds, the surrounding jungle is home to barking deer, gazelle, chinkara, langur, mongoose and many more other animals.

Visiting Sub-Merged Temples & Ruins


There are several temples in and around the Lonar Crater Lake or Lonar Lake. You may find locals visiting these temples regularly. And some of these temples are submerged and some are in ruins. Exploring these submerged and ruins are altogether a good experience.

So here were my reasons why should one visit Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra.
So now let’s see how to reach Lonar Crater Lake.

How To Reach Lonar Crater Lake


Lonar Lake is located around 370 kms from Mumbai and 140 kms from Aurangabad.
So first you have to reach Aurangabad which is the nearest city to Lonar Lake.

There are lots of trains and buses which run on a daily basis from Mumbai to Aurangabad. Even Aurangabad has an airport too… which you may use if you are planning to reach there by flight.

How To Reach Lonar Lake From Aurangabad

From Aurangabad, there are frequent buses for Lonar Village via Jalna. It will take around 05 hrs to reach Lonar village which is the entry point to Lonar Crater Lake India.

Or else, you can take a train to Jalna from Mumbai and from Jalna you may take a bus to Lonar.

Where To Stay At Lonar

There are several guest houses and lodges near to Lonar bus depot. And the rates vary from 200 – 1500 INR per night.
Note: It’s a small town so these hotels and lodges provide basic amenities.

And if looking for food, most of the hotels have their own kitchen plus there are plenty of tea stalls and dhabas which provide good food to travelers.

So here was my Travel Guide to “Lonar Crater Lake India”
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