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Today with this Majuli travel blog I will try to tell you everything about Majuli Island and all other details that you might need to plan your trip there like:

  • Majuli tourist places,
  • What to see,
  • Places to eat or best restaurants,
  • Where to stay or accommodation options in Majuli island,
  • List of guest houses,
  • And how to reach or travel to this beautiful island.

So why waste time and let’s see how you can plan your trip under a budget to this untouched river island in Assam.

Assam is known for its unparalleled beauty and tranquil destinations like Kaziranga, Haflong and yes the Majuli. Even being one of the most tranquil destinations in India, many tourists forget or don’t add Majuli in their travel itinerary.

What can be the reason for this?

One of the major reasons for this can be the information that we have on Majuli.

There in not a single travel guide on Majuli which guide readers on how to plan a trip or various things to know about this region.

So that is why,  I am penning down a detailed Majuli travel guide for you.

Things to Know About Majuli River Island

Majuli is the biggest river island in India with a total area of 1,250 sq. kms. Located just between Brahmaputra river on one side & Kherkutia Xuti river on another side. With 1.6lakhs population, Majuli is known for its rich heritage and eco and spiritual tourism as this place is also the land of Assames Vashnavite culture.

If you want to step back in time and want to see how the society works then Majuli is the destination for you.

People still live in bamboo huts, cook food on fire, follow the age old farming and fishing methods and still doesn’t use modern technology for their house hold chores.

Instead of concrete jungles, malls and pollution you will find untouched nature, satras, wildlife, crafted masks and so on.

Its serene and beautiful!

However, if you want to know where to stay under a budget in Majuli then give this article a read: Best Airbnb in Majuli

Things to Consider Before Visiting Majuli Island

Before visiting Majuli Deep, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind.

  • The phone connectivity is not that good. Airtel, Vodafone and Jio works but you might not find 4G connection out there. In comparison, BSNL is still good.
  • Wifi and internet connectivity is pretty much non-existent.
  • ATMS are there in the main town but you never know whether they will work or not.
  • Be prepared for foggy morning. So of you are leaving or trying to take a ferry early morning then be prepared for delays.
  • It takes 01 hour to reach Majuli island from Nimati Ghat in Jorhat and 2 hrs from Nimati Ghat from Majuli Dweep.
  • The last ferry to Majuli is at 3pm from Nimati Ghat in Jorhat.
  • Ferry timings from Nimati ghat is 8.30am, 9.30am, 10.30am, 1pm, 2pm and the last one at 3pm.
  • Ferry timings from Kamalabari Ghat in Majuli Deep is at 7am, 7.30am, 8.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm and the last one at 3pm.
  • These are local ferries are mostly used by locals and don’t expect punctuality here.
  • These ferries also let you transport your car or bike with an extra cost. However, you need to book a spot a day earlier for that you can even call the Ferry Manager +91 9957153671.
  • Ferry prices: 15rs per person.
    Motorbike: 45 INR
    Car or Jeeps: 756 INR
  • If you don’t have a car or bike, you can even hire a cycle to explore Majuli Island. Although, buses and shared tempos are available but the frequency is less.
  • Try to explore the Majuli local thali as well.
  • If you want to get high, do try Apong, a local brewed liquor. It’s cheap as well. 😛
  • Do give a visit to Mishing village to experience the traditional handloom weaving.
  • When in Majuli, do try out their fish dishes as well.
  • Raas Leela Festivalis one of the main festivals of the island & held during the month of November.
  • The Majuli Mahotsav is held in January in the village of Garamur.

What To Do in Majuli Island?

Even being the largest river island in India, Majuli doesn’t have a lot of places to visit or see. If you go through many of the Majuli travel blogs over World Wide Web, you will find that everyone is telling you about visiting Satras and all. & Yes, that is what this island is famous for.

There are more than 22 Satras in Majuli and visiting everyone is a hard task and you may get bored as well. So plan out or list down a few ones and visit them.

Apart from the Satras, let me give you 03 experiences or things to do that you should experience while in Majuli.

Hope you will like it:

Visit Mr. Hemchandra Goswami ‘s Workshop

If you don’t know, then Majuli is famous for its traditional dance forms and face masks. These masks are used during various festivals in Majuli and other parts of Assam. And Mr. Hemchandra Goswami is a master in this art. If you want to take a sneak peak on how these masks are created and designed then do give this workshop a visit.
Even they arrange a proper workshop for tourists to take a look into behind the scenes on how these masks are designed.
Address:  Natun Samaguri Satra

Watch How Boats are Made

Being an island, Majuli is only connected by water ways. And that is why, boat making is one of the most common practice among the locals. Boat making is one of the oldest and one of the most money making craft among many locals.

And yes, if you are in Majuli would surely suggest you to visit Auniati and Kamalabari Sattra who are the most famous in making boats. There is a huge beach where they make boats and the view is scenic as well.

Watch a Theatre or Festival

If you are lucky enough, then you might get a chance to see one of the theoretical shows or performances or experience their colorful festivals. It doesn’t happen regularly so keep a check on the dates of upcoming festivals and shows there.

Experience the Mishing Tribe

The villages are the heart of Majuli. The only way you can feel & experience Majuli is by strolling through the small villages. These villages are quaint and beautiful as well. The locals are quite helpful and helpful and the best way to explore the countryside is by walking slowly.

How To Reach Majuli

Majuli is a huge river island in Brahmaputra River and is located just 20 kms from Jorhat town in Assam. And Jorhat is around 200 kms from Guwahati, which is the capital of Assam.

So to reach Majuli, first you have to reach Jorhat and from there you need to book a tuk-tuk or an auto to Nimati Ghat.
Note: Nimati Ghat is the place from where the ferries start for Majuli Island.

By Road

Being a river island, Majuli is not connected by roads. You can reach Jorhat which is well connected with other cities in Assam and from Jorhat take a ferry to Majuli.

By Train/Railways

Majuli is not connected by railways tracks either. As I said earlier, you need to first come to Jorhat and from there make your onward journey. By the way, Jorhat has a railway station and is well connected with other major cities.
Note: To book railway tickets you may use India Railways Official website

By Air

Majuli is a small village and doesn’t have any airport. To reach Majuli by air you have to either take a flight to Jorhat or Guwahati and then from Guwahati take a bus or cab to Jorhat. Jorhat is around 20 kms from Majuli.

By Waterways

Majuli is connected to the outer world only through one medium and that is ‘Waterways’. There are a number of ferries, which starts from Nimati Ghat in Jorhat to Majuli.
Ferry timings from Nimati ghat is 8.30am, 9.30am, 10.30am, 1pm, 2pm and the last one at 3pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reach Majuli by ferry?

Ans: The best and the easiest way to reach Majuli is by ferry. There are frequent ferries from Nimati Ghat in Jorhat to Kamalbar Ghai in Majuli.

What is the Jorhat To Majuli Ferry fare?

Ans: Ferry timings from Nimati ghat in Jorhat to Kamlabari Ghat in Majuli is as follows: 8.30am, 9.30am, 10.30am, 1pm, 2pm and the last one at 3pm.

What is the Majuli to Jorhat ferry timings?

Ans: Ferry timings from Kamalabari Ghat in Majuli Island is at 7am, 7.30am, 8.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm and the last one at 4.15pm.

Is it possible to take my bike or car to Majuli?

Ans: Absolutely. It is possible. The ferries which run from Nimatighat to Majuli do transfer two wheelers and four wheelers as well. However, you have to pay a little extra.

What are the prices of the ferry for reaching Majuli from Nimatighat?

Ans: Not sure about the recent rates but earlier it was:
Ferry prices: 15rs per person.
Motorbike: 45 INR
Car or Jeeps: 756 INR
Hope it’s still the same.

What are Satras in Majuli?

Ans: Satras are basically religious sites or institutional centres to learn culture and religious teachings. Satras in Majuli not only act as a religious sites but also acts as a cultural centre. Not only this, they are also the development centres of dramas, classical dance forms and music forms.
You will find Satras in different parts of Assam. However, the concentration of Satras in Majuli is more than any other place.

Where can I learn more about “Satras” of Majuli? . Google doesn’t have alot.

Ans: I don’t have much idea however, as far I understand the best way to learn more about these Satras is by visiting them.

Can You share me a list of Satras in Majuli?

Ans: Here is a list of Satras which are present in Majuli:

  • Sri Sri Alengi Takoubari Sattra
  • Sri Sri Chakala Sattra
  • Sri Sri Alengi Madarguri Sattra
  • Sri Sri Adi Alengi Sattra
  • Sri Sri Dakhinpat Sattra
  • Sri Sri Dikhow Mukhia Bor Alengi Sattra
  • Sri Sri Owa Sattra
  • Sri Sri Adhar Mahara Sattra
  • Sri Sri Belosidhia Sattra
  • Sri Sri Bengena-ati Sattra
  • Sri Sri Matiabari (Adi Bihimpur) Sattra
  • Sri Sri Ahatguri Bar Sattra
  • Sri Sri Dakhinpat Grihasthi/Ashrami Sattra
  • Sri Sri Auniati Sattra
  • Sri Sri Garamur Sattra
  • Sri Sri Purani (Prachin) Samaguri Sattra
  • Sri Sri Sarjan (Kharjan Na) Sattra
  • Sri Sri Uttar Kamalabari Sattra
  • Sri Sri Natun Kamalabari Sattra
  • Sri Sri Garamur Saru Sattra
  • Sri Sri (Dikhow Mukhi) Bah Jengani Sattra (Alengi Bahjengani Sattra)
  • Sri Sri Alengi Narasingha Sattra
  • Sri Sri Bar Alengi Sattra
  • Sri Sri Bihimpur Sattra
  • Sri Sri Punia Sattra
  • Sri Sri Malual Bar Alengi Sattra
  • Sri Sri Natun Samaguri Sattra
  • Sri Sri Natun Chakala Sattra
  • Sri Sri Madhya Majuli Kamalabari Sattra
  • Sri Sri Bhogpur Sattra
  • Sri Sri Dighali Sattra
How to commute within Majuli?

Ans: Even being an island, Majuli has a variety of public transport options like shared tempo and buses. Although, the best and cheapest way to explore Majuli island is by renting a bicycle.
A full day rent will cost somewhere between 100-150 INR per cycle.

Which tribes live in Majuli?

Ans: There are many tribes which stay in Majuli. However, Mishings is one of the most predominant tribe in Majuli deep/island.

Where to eat in Majuli?

Ans: There are small local eateries which serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food dishes. Although, don’t expect fancy restaurants in all over Majuli.

What to shop for in Majuli?

Ans: Majuli island is famous for its hand-made miniature face masks and handicrafts items made of either by clay or bamboo. You will get a few shops selling all these things.

Do all phone and data networks work in Majuli?

Ans: As far I have experienced, most of the popular mobile networks like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, JIO & Aircel works fine in the main town. However, not sure about places which are more inside the island.

How do you go to Majuli Island from Guwahati or Jorhat?

Ans: There are many ways through which you can reach Majuli from Guwahati or Jorhat.

  • Bus: There are both AC & Non AC Buses which runs from Guwahati ISBT to Jorhat via Kaziranga National Park. It’s a 06 hrs journey and you will get frequent buses for Jorhat.
    Note: The two dropping points in Jorhat are ISBT & Baruah Chariali.
    Most of the hotels are also located in Baruah Chariali.

    From there, you can take a shared cab or Tata Magic to Nimati Ghat where you will get your ferry to Majuli.
  • Railways: There are trains from Guwahati and many other parts of India to Jorhat. And from station, you may book a shared cab or TATA Magic to Nimati Ghat in Jorhat .
Why is Majuli in Assam famous for?

Ans: Majuli Island is famous for various things like:

  • 22 Satras founded by Sankardev.
  • Land of Vaisnavite religion and culture.
  • Beautiful & largest river island.
  • & visit & explore the culture of Mishing tribe.
How much time is needed to explore Majuli Island?

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Ce monsieur est agriculteur, il cultive le riz, il parlait un peu anglais. Il m'a souhaité la bienvenue et m'a dit n'avoir jamais voyager mais être heureux de croiser des étranger. Il fait parti de la tribu des Misings (ou Mishing ou Missing), qui sont des descendants des Chinois et des Moghols. Ils représentent 60%de la population de Majuli. Les hommes sont agriculteurs, les femmes tisseuses de vêtements généralement. Physiquement ils ressemblent beaucoup aux Khmers, ils sont aussi beaux/belles. J'ai traversé 2 villages, les gens m'ont accueilli avec des "welcome" et de grands sourires. Un contact très différent pour moi qu'avec l'autre partie de la population de Majuli. Majuli, dans l'état d'Assam en Inde, 2018 #farmer #rice #worker #bicycle #misingtribe #tribe #mishingtribe #thepeoplewemet #village #indian #india #travel #traveller #inde #instatravel #india_gram #assam #majuli #indianlife #beautiful

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Ans: It totally depends on you and the kind of traveler you are. There are travelers who went there and are staying there for more than a month to explore and feel the culture of Majuli.

See, the main places of interest in Majuli are the different Satras or the Monasteries of Neo Vaisnavite culture. It will hardly take a day or two to visit most of them. Apart form the Satras, you can even visit the Mishing village to explore the Mishing tribe’s culture & lifestyle.

So to sum up, 03 – 04 or may be 05 days will let you to visit almost all of these Majuli tourist places.

We are planning to visit Majuli next month. Any suggestions?

Ans: Would suggest you to read the

What are some interesting facts about the Majuli River Island in Assam?

Ans: Let me list down some of the interesting and must know facts about this river island in Assam:

  • Majuli is the largest river island of India located in Assam in between Brahmaputra river.
  • It’s so huge that it has been declared as a district.
  • The area of Majuli is decreasing every year due to erosion and floods.
  • Majuli is the home of the famous Mishing tribe.
  • Majuli is the home of Satras which are known to preserve the culture, dance and art forms of Neo Vaisnavite culture.
Is it possible to visit Majuli during May?

It is possible but the weather can be a bit hot.

Where can I stay in Majuli under a budget?

Ans: In Majuli, there are different types of staying options like guest houses, small hotels and plus you can even stay in Satras. With the recent tourism boom, some new hotels, guest houses, resorts & homestays have come up.
Even being, there are a lot of accommodations options but finding one online is hard.
So today let me share you the contact details of some of the cheapest and budget stays in Majuli:

  • Sri Sri Uttar Kamalabari Satra Guest House, Kamalabari.
    Ph No: 03775-273392
  • Sri Sri Natun Kamalabari Satra Guest House, Kamalabari.
    Ph No: 03775-273302
  • Sri Sri Garamur Satra Guest House, Garamur.
    Ph No: +91-9435203306
  • Hotel Island, Garamur.
    Ph No:+91-9707103225
  • Kakoti Guest House, Garamur.
    Ph No: +91-8473061711, +91-9435203418
  • Circuit House, Garamur
    Ph No: 03775-274439
  • Krishi Bhavan Guest House, Kamalabari.
    Ph No: 03775-274560
  • PWD Inspection Bungalow, Jengraimukh.
  • PWD Inspection Bungalow, Bongaon.
  • Prashanti Lodge(ATDC), Kamalabari.
How to rent a bike in Majuli?

Ans: I don’t think renting motor bikes is possible in Majuli as I haven’t heard of any bike rental service there. However, you can rent bicycles in Majuli.
Although, if you still want to explore this island on bike then rent it in Guwahati and from there ride down to Majuli.

How to rent a cycle in Majuli and what is the cost?

Ans: There are two ways to rent bicycles in Majuli.

  1. If you are staying in any of the Satras or hotels, ask the local boy to get it done. They will surely help you to arrange a cycle for a day or two. & charges may differ but its nominal between 100 – 200 INR per day.
  2. Or you may even contact these guys:
    Majuli Cycle Café
    Address: Majuli Cycle Cafe, Near Majuli Post Office, Garmur, Majuli, Assam 785110
    Contact No. 075759 15311

Hope you guys liked this Majuli travel guide cum blog.

If you have any other questions you can comment below or can message me on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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