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5 Gorgeous Places to Enjoy Trekking in Munnar with Family

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Munnar is a lovely hill station in Kerala that is filled with the beauty of mountains and tea plantations. On your next family holiday in this destination, head out on a trek together to fully experience the beauty on display. Due to its verdant landscape, Munnar offers pristine spots for treks that boast pure air and amazing views.

Here are five gorgeous treks to enjoy in Munnar during your family vacation.

1. Chokramudi

There are four parts to this trek. The first is the Shola Walk, which is easy and good for beginners and children. Then there is the grass stroll, which goes through open grasslands, post that you get into hard climbing in the steep climb phase. Lastly, you enter the dangerous terrain. The highlight is enjoying the lovely ambiance as you trek up to 7,200 feet. It can take anywhere from three to five hours to reach the peak.

2. Idukki


This easy trek is apt for nature lovers. It takes anywhere from four to five hours to complete and navigates through tea and cardamom plantations. Its highlight is the beautiful Pothamedu viewpoint that offers stunning views of the landscape below. It is best to head out with a local guide, as that will give you detailed insights about the plantations.

3. Chummar

An easy trek perfect for kids, this trail traverses through the tea plantations and offers spectacular views of meadows and the Shola forests. The tea plantations are anyway must-see places to visit in Munnar, and you will be having double the fun, as you will trek through them! Here, you can interact with locals and teach your kids all about tea cultivation. It takes four hours to complete this trek.

4. KannanDevan Hills

Kannan Devan Hills

Navigating through tea plantations, this five-hour trek has a high level of difficulty, so it must be helmed by an expert guide. You can see mountains on one side and plantations on the other. Your kids will love to spot the local wildlife and birds along with views of Idukki Dam—the highest arch dam in Asia.

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5. Lakshmi Hill Trek

Lakshmi Hill Trek

This is one of the most popular things to do in Munnar for trekkers and offers a surreal experience up a ridge. Its difficulty level is moderate and the special part is that you can see South India’s highest peak, Anamudi, during the trek. It takes five hours to complete.
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