The capital of India’s Telangana state, Hyderabad has become an increasingly interesting city for tourism. While it doesn’t have the relaxed coastal appeal of Goa or the worldwide fame of Mumbai, it’s recognized as a center of technological development and has become a wonderful travel option full of modern and historic attractions alike. More specifically, however, here are five reasons to consider a visit.

1. See Charminar

One of the most recognizable structures in all of India, Charminar has been referred to as being equivalent to the likes of the Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower, at least in how much it represents a single city. Another apt comparison, from Paris incidentally, might be l’Arc de Triomphe, in that it’s right in the middle of the city and essentially at the center of a gigantic traffic circle. On its own, however, Charminar is a wonder to behold. Part monument and part mosque, it was built late in the 16th century, and is still one of the most impressive landmarks and architectural achievements in the entire region.

2. Tour Golkonda Fort
Golkonda fort

Golkonda Fort is famous and fascinating for a few reasons. For one, it was once a medieval capital of sorts. For another, it’s in the midst of a region that’s known for its natural store of precious gems. The fort itself dates back to the early 16th century, and while it’s more of a ruin today it still makes for a wonderful tour. It’s the sort of place that really makes you think about what a civilization from hundreds of years ago might have looked like in action.

3. Witness Cricket In Person
Hyderabad Cricket

Indian Premier League cricket is one of the more fascinating sports leagues on the planet. Said one overview, there is no shortage of drama, between bidding wars on players, crowd enthusiasm, and the actual matches. And Hyderabad happens to be the home of one of the more successful teams in the league, at least lately. That makes Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium – the home of the Sunrisers Hyderabad cricket team of the IPL – a great stop for any tourist.

4. Have A Drink At Aqua
Aqua Hyderabad

It’s always difficult to pick a single bar to put on a list of highlights in an entire city – especially one as big as Hyderabad! But Aqua is actually a fairly straightforward choice. While it’s not as chic or thematically interesting as some bars you might see recommended in other cities, its situation as a poolside lounge overlooking the beautiful Hussain Sagar lake makes it an excellent place to grab a drink. The setting is the main draw, but the cocktails have a good reputation and the food isn’t half bad either.

5. Visit Ramoji Film City
Ramoji Film City

Designated as the largest film studio in the entire world, Ramoji Film City is a sort of dream world. The tour takes you behind the scenes to explore the actual studio up close and personal, but this complex – which really is like an entertainment city of sorts – has a lot more to offer for a vacation. Restaurants, activities, and even its own hotels can keep you occupied to no end. Really, it’s more of a destination unto itself than an attraction.

Disclosure: It is a guest post and all the opinions mentioned here are of the writer.

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