Untouched Places to visit In Ladakh

So planning to visit Leh & Ladakh and don’t have an idea where to visit?
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By the way, if you are not sure

  • How to reach Leh
  • Where to stay and eat (Manali – Leh / Srinagar – Leh)
  • Where and how to rent a bike or car from Manali or Srinagar
  • Trip cost
  • Trip duration and all

Then I would suggest you to first check out my last blog: Road Trip To Ladakh

Hence, you now know what you are going to get from this blog. Let’s not go in loops and get to the point.

By the way, you must be thinking, is there really any places to visit in Ladakh or Leh which are untouched?

Being with a population of more than 1.32 billion, it is very hard right.
And that is true, that these types of places are hard to find which are not mentioned on blogs or news or even no travel company is creating a package tour to these untouched valleys.

If you just Google “Places to visit in Ladakh” the only destination you would find are:

  1. Pangong Tso Lake
  2. Khardungla Pass
  3. Tso Moriri Lake
  4. Hunder Valley
  5. Hemis Monastery & some other sight seeing places

And that’s it.

But there are some places in Leh & Ladakh which are still virgin and untouched by tourists and travelers.

03 Virgin Destinations Which Are Yet To Be Discovered For Your Travel To Ladakh Road Trip


When we crown Kashmir as one of the beautiful places on earth, we probably include Leh and Ladakh too. As without Ladakh, Kashmir is nothing I guess. Leh & Ladakh might seem different but has its fair share of jaw-dropping views. Among this is Turtuk village, one of the secret places to visit in Ladakh.

Visiting this place is not an easy task.

It is the last village in this region before the India – Pakistan border. During the 1971 war, Turtuk and lot of other villages were brought under Indian control from Pakistan after the Indian army pushed back Pakistani military from the famous Nubra valley. Due to its close proximity to Pakistan, getting an inner line permit was hard before 2010. But now, it is quite easy.

How To Reach Turtuk

One of the travel to Ladakh places is Turtuk. To reach this small hamlet you have to drive down to Hunder in Nubra valley from Leh. From there Turtuk is around 03 hours of journey. En-route you will be greeted by Shyok river, which would side by side with you until it crosses over to Pakistan. And at the end of this little trail just before the Indian – Pakistan border is Turtuk Village.

Although the roads are not that good in most of the parts but it is a journey filled with adventure, high snow clad peaks and a small silent river flowing side by side with you. A site which will become a beautiful memory, when you will sit in your 4*4 cabins and work on your systems.

Although, Ladakh region is known for its Buddhist prayer flags and monasteries, whereas Turtuk follows Islam. Villagers from Turtuk are exclusive due to their long facial hairs and for their dressing.
A village of only 500 families which mostly depend on agriculture and a little bit of tourism post-2010.

So why waiting, plan your trip and visit the small little hamlet named Turtuk one of the secret places to visit in Ladakh.
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Suru Valley

So in the second spot of this list of five secret places to visit in Ladakh is Suru Valley.
You might have heard about Kargil, Drass, Hunder valley and all right?
You also might have heard that these are one of the secluded places in this region?
But that is not true.
I don’t know why but most of the itineraries don’t even add this small little heaven in the list of travel to Ladakh places. Suru is one of the most underrated destinations where most of us don’t visit. Hence, it is also untouched from the hustle bustle of tourism.
If you are planning to visit Leh & Ladakh this season, then make sure to add Suru Valley in your must see destination in your Travel to Ladakh trip.

Sur Valley is one of the gorgeous and fertile valleys in this region with its own unique traditions and culture. The valley expands from Kargil to Penzi La Glacier, where the Suru River originated. This unknown Sur river is the reason that Suru valley is one of the greenest valleys in Leh & Ladakh region. Yet, tourism industry has no idea about its location and beauty.

How To Reach Suru Valley

To reach Suru, you first have to reach Kargil as from Kargil bus stand, you would get government buses which run to Suru Valley.

Before understanding the route, first, let’s check out why you should visit Suru?

Or places to visit in Suru.

Suru Valley is known for four villages as far I know.

  • Sankoo (40 kms from Kargil):
    Known for its green vegetation, lush plantations, and beautiful vistas. From Sankoo, you may also visit Kartse Khar, which is basically 7-8ft tall rock statue of Buddha carved into a mountain.
  • Panikar, (116 kms from Kargil)
    Panikhar is known for its plethora of trekking and mountaineering excursions.
  • Tongul and (126 kms from Kargil)
  • Parkachik (140 kms from Kargil)
    From Parkachik you can visit the 18th-century Rangdum monastery. I don’t think there are buses which ply from Parkachik to Rangdum. But if need help, you can hitchhike there on trucks.


There is one bus which leaves around at 7 am every morning to Sankoo Village. So if you are planning to visit Sankoo you may catch this bus. This bus is also known as “Teacher’s Bus” as teachers putting up in Kargil catch this bus to reach their schools located in Sankoo.

Later on, there is one more bus which goes till Panikar. It leaves Kargil around at 8 am.

And the last bus which leaves for Parkachik by late morning (not sure on the bus timing) and reaches there by late evening. Parkachik is the last village on this route.

Note: These are government buses and the routes are also not good. So if you plan to visit Suru Valley or any of these villages, I would suggest you to confirm the bus timings beforehand.

If you want to travel further…then you have to have your own vehicle as no buses run beyond Parkachik.

Don’t expect luxurious hotels out there

Where To Stay:

Every village have some small guest houses and hotels. However, there are camping options too … near to Rangdum Monastery

Kiagar Tso Lake

In our Top three Places To visit in Ladakh is Kiagar Tso Lake.  Like Pangong Tso and Tso Morir, Kiagar Tso is also a high altitude lake located in Ladakh region. It is en-route to Tso-Moriri lake and much smaller to Tso-Moriri. But its beauty is incomparable. So next time, if you are planning to visit Tso-Moriri in your Travel to Ladakh road trip then do spend some time at this small but beautiful Kiagar Tso lake.

So these were my 03 secrets “places to visit in Ladakh”. Apart from these untouched destinations, if you are coming from Manali and have no idea about Manali then check out my travel guide:

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Hope you all liked it.

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