Prashar lake is a beautiful small hamlet located near Mandi in Himachal. Prashar Lake trek is a day hike and the views are jaw-dropping. But the biggest problem that we face is sheer misinformation on how to reach Prashar Lake from Mandi or from Delhi. Due to which, most of us have to reach to tour operators, who conduct this trek charging huge amounts.

So with this Prashar Lake blog, you can do this Prashar Lake trek by yourself or maybe with friends.

You don’t need any help to complete this amazing trek.

With this article, I will try to tell you everything that you might need to complete this trek like:

  • How to reach Prashar Lake from Mandi / Delhi,
  • Prashar Lake hotels or where to stay in Prashar Lake,
  • Mandi to Delhi bus / Delhi to Mandi bus timings & fare,
  • Mandi to Prashar lake distance,
  • And where to eat

So to know all this…Keep reading

Being a Delhiite, I always used to wonder where to go on small weekends.
Any destination, which I can cover in 02 – 03 days or maybe in 04 days?

As doing a 9 to 5 job and traveling is altogether a different ball game. Asking for leaves to your seniors always seems like asking to marry her daughter. They will always say “No”. 😛

That is why; I always used to look to travel to a nearby destination.

And if you are from Delhi, you might have an idea how crowded these hill stations can get on long weekends. So for me, the best way to take a break is to go to a less crowded place.
Moreover one of the best options that I always had is to go for a small trek to a near-by peak either in Himachal or Uttarakhand.

And one of the treks that I did last month was Prashar Lake Trek. And now I am going to share you the details which you all were waiting for.
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However, you may watch this video as well from India hikes to know more about this trek 

How To Reach Prashar Lake From Mandi / Delhi

Doing a Prashar lake trek from Mandi is not that hard unless you know the route and other details of this trek like where to stay in Prashar lake and where to eat.

Well to reach Prashar Lake, you first have to reach Mandi. From Mandi, Prashar lake is only 50 kms. There are lots of overnight buses which run from Delhi towards Mandi.
Distance (Delhi – Mandi): 422 kms
Journey Time: 12 hrs
Departure From Delhi: 1900 hrs (approx)
Arrival At Mandi:
0800 hrs (approx)
Volvo Price: 1000 – 1200 INR

After reaching Mandi bus stand, you have to take a bus to Baggi which is only 7kms from Mandi. If you don’t want to take a bus, you can also book a cab. A bus ticket would cost you around 50 INR. Baggi is the place from where your trek to Prashar Lake starts.
Note: The bus is only available between 8 – 11 am or else you have to book a taxi.

If you ask the conductor and tell him about your plans, he will drop you at the same location from where you are going to start the trek.

The point where you will be dropped, have a couple of small shops serving Maggi, omelette, tea and other food items. So if feeling starved, you can have your breakfast here.
Note: Fill up your bottles and belly in you will find nothing till you reach the destination.

Trek Starting Point

So the trek starts with a rocky trail and a small stream flowing over it. You will find patches of jungles, rocky and uneven surfaces throughout your route. The trail is not that difficult but might test your intelligence and stamina.
One of my friend, found this trail very difficult as he had never been to any treks or even in any kind of fitness.
So I would suggest you to pack light and try to complete it slowly.

While crossing this rocky trail, you will come across with small Himachali villages. So do ask them about the route, as there are no signboards or directions to help you. So you might need a good sense of direction to complete this small hike/ trek.

From one of the village, there are two routes which will help you to reach Prashar. One is a well-defined muddy path which goes straight to the lake and the other one is through the jungles.
This is a short cut but do keep in mind, that this trail is quite a steep kind of a vertical climb. But crossing the jungles is also an experience which you might not want to miss.

And after 03 – 04 hrs you will reach Prashar Lake.

Trek To Prashar Lake Details

Duration: 04 – 05 hrs
Difficulty Level: Easy

FAQS (Prashar Lake Trek From Mandi)

Q: How to reach Baggi from Mandi?

Ans: There are buses which ply from Mandi to Baggi. But keep in mind that these buses only run between 08 – 11 am

Q: How much time it will take to reach Prashar Lake from Baggi?

Ans: Around 4hrs. Depends on your fitness too. However, it is an easy trek.

Q: Where to stay in Prashar Lake?

Ans: There are two guest houses where you can plan your stay. One is a Forest department guest house and the second one is for PWD. Both these guest houses are located near to Prashar Lake only. They charge around 400 – 500 INR per room and 100 INR per meal.

There is a small temple located near to the lake. However, you can get a room in the temple complex also. The room cost in the temple is only 50 INR and 150 INR for a set of bed and blanket and 60 INR for a meal.

Q: How to reach Prashar lake apart from trekking?

Ans: There are govt. buses which go till Prashar Lake. They reach there by 11 am and leave by 1 pm. So you can plan accordingly.
Note: I am not sure when the bus departs from Mandi.

Q: What are the bus timings from Delhi to Prashar lake?

Ans: There are lots of government and privately run buses which runs from Delhi to Mandi. From Mandi you have to take a local bus or cab.

Q. What are the bus fare and timings for Mandi to Prashar Lake bus?

Ans: There are local buses which run between Mandi to Baggi which is the starting point to Prashar Lake. As far I know, the buses are only available between 8 – 11 am or else you have to book a taxi.

Hope now you know How To Do A Solo Trek To Prashar Lake From Mandi / Delhi

If you have any other questions you can comment below or can message me on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.
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