Being a travel blogger and an expert, I always get a lot of questions on my Instagram and Facebook profile regarding Triund.

However, answering each and every email or messaged that I receive is hard to answer.

That is why today with this article I will try to answer some of your questions regarding the famous Triund trek in Mcleodganj Himachal.

So let’s not waste time and check out what are those 17 things a traveler must know before going for Triund trek?

Q: What’s the Triund Trek Starting Point? Planning to go next weekend but have no idea from where to start the trek?

Ans: There are 3 starting points for Triund trek.

  • Mcleod Ganj main square (09 kms / 04-05 hrs),
  • Dharamshala (17 kms / 08 – 09 hrs),
  • & Dharamkot village (07 kms / 04 hrs).

However, the most preferred Triund trek starting point is Mcleod Ganj main square or the market. From here, you can either take a cab or an auto to Gallu Devi temple or you can just walk through the meadows and reach there which is around 03 kms from there. From Gallu Devi temple the Triund top is around 06 kms.

Q. How to get tents on rent for Triund?

Ans: I don’t think you will need to rents camps or tents for Triund. Tents and camps are readily available on Triund top. There are shops on the top, which provides tents on rent on per night basis. You can just ask them and they will provide you the camping equipments including mat and sleeping bags.

Plus, if you still want to rent a tent there are shops available in the main market which provide camping equipment on a rental basis.

Q: What is the average cost of a tent at Triund?

Ans: See the Triund camping charges may vary from season to season and also the place from where you book a camp or tent. However, the cost of a tent in Triund may vary from 800 – 1500 INR for a two-person tent.
When I was there, last month I got a rate of 1000 for two persons i.e 500/person including your sleeping mats and sleeping bags.

Q: Triund Trek Time: How much time does it take to reach Triund top from the starting point?

Ans: The average trek time for Triund is 04 hours. If you start the trek from Gallu Devi temple then you might reach the top by 04 hrs. However, the timing may vary from person to person.

Note: If you are starting your hike from Mcleod market and you are covering the complete distance by walking then add more 1 – 1.5 hrs to reach Gallu Devi temple and then more 04 hrs from Gallu to Triund top.

Q: How difficult is Triund Trek?

Ans: The Triund Trek difficulty level is easy to moderate. But it also depends on the fitness level of that person as well. The first 05 kms of the trek is quite easy and might take around 03 hrs. However, the last phase of 1 km is a little bit hard for many hikers which include 22 sharp curves and may take your breath away.

However, there are plenty of resting options in between the trek where you can have a cup of tea and Maggi.

Q:  What’s the Triund height in feet?

Ans: The total height of Triund top is 9,350′ feet.

Q: What is the total Triund Trek Distance or Mcleodganj to Triund trek distance?

Ans: The total distance to reach the top of Triund may vary depending on the starting point.

  • Mcleod Ganj main square (09 kms / 05 hrs),
  • Dharamshala (17 kms / 08 – 09 hrs),
  • Dharamkot village (07 kms / 05 hrs).
  • Gallu Devi Temple (06 kms / 04 hrs)

Note: Basically, from Gallu Devi temple the trek starts. The first 05 kms of the trek is literally easy but the last 01 km can be termed as moderate with 22 sharp curves.

Q: How much does a Triund trek package with camping costs?

Ans: As many of you might be planning to visit Triund and looking for a package trip rather than going alone. Let me tell you that a good Triund trek package with camping might cost you between 1000 -2500 per night per person including stay, food & a guide.
However, you can complete the trek even without a package by following the articles written here.

Q: Is it possible to plan and execute a one day trek to Triund? I am planning to go there and come back the same day. Kindly suggest?

Ans: So basically your question is can Triund trek be done in one day?
And my answer would be Yes.

To know where to stay in Triund, you may read this article as well.

However, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind before planning this Triund trek in a day.

  • Leave early so that you can come back early to your hotel.
  • Make sure you carry some warm clothes, so that if you get stuck in between then you can fight the cold weather.
  • Make sure to carry a tent and a sleeping bag as well.
  • And enjoy the view when at top.

Recent Updates about Triund

  1. Liquor bottles have been banned in Triund.
  2. Portable speakers have been banned in Triund.
  3. There is a checkpoint just after Gallu Devi temple where everything will be checked. So make sure you don’t carry all these things.
  4. If you carry plastic bottles and wrappers, they will count it. And when returning they will count it again, so that you don’t litter. A fine of Rs. 200 is there on every bottle and wrapper you litter on the route.
  5. If you don’t have a booking then you have to reach at the checking point early. As hikers without booking are allowed to pass through only till 2 pm.
  6. On weekends, you may find a long queue on the checking point. So make sure to reach early.
  7. Commodity prices:
    Water Bottle: 50 INR
    Tissue Paper: 50 INR
    Tea: 20 – 30 INR
    Maggi: 50 INR
    Glod Flake: 20 INR
    Classis: 30 INR

So here are the 17 things a traveler must know before going for Triund trek.

Hope you liked this article.

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