Traveling is a great way to seek adventure!

When you are young, you want to explore the whole world, break away from the monotony of life, and go on an adventure. So much so that exploring the unknown and traveling have been a central theme in some of the most popular movies out there like, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” “Eat, Pray, Love,” and the Kangana Ranaut starrer “Queen.” 

If you love going on an adventure, here are some suggestions for adventure lovers of all kinds:

  1. Go on a Motorcycle Tour of Ladakh in India

The best way to explore the land of mountain ranges and Buddhist monasteries is by taking your own time to stop and stare at the beautiful marvel of nature. If you are a motorcycle junkie, then this is the best way to see Ladakh.

Best Time To Visit: Summer, when it’s not too cold

It’s Perfect For You If: You love riding motorcycles, and want to experience the monasteries and mountains of Ladakh.

  1. Go Scuba Diving in the Country of Belize

If you love the animal kingdom, you will fall in love with Belize. Located on the southernmost tip of North America, it plays host to the great barrier reef, which can be explored after a few lessons of scuba diving.

Best Time To Visit: Between late November to April

It’s Perfect For You If: You love adventure sports like scuba diving and exploring wildlife.

  1. Hike Through The Beautiful Landscapes of New Zealand

When you go hiking, or tramping as it is better known in New Zealand, you will be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of the land. Any hike that you take in the land is rife with the majesty of the country.

Best Time To Visit: Between December to March, when it’s winter in the southern hemisphere.

It’s Perfect For You If: You are a fan of spending your time outdoors.

  1. Explore the Secrets of the Past in Japan

Japan is a tourist hotspot not only because of its cherry blossom festival but also because it has great historical significance in World War II. A few towns have been abandoned, and are known as ghost towns. This, along with the various museums in Japan, attracts a lot of tourists fascinated by its unique heritage.

Best Time To Visit: Late spring, from March to May, during the cherry blossom festival

It’s Perfect For You If: If you want to experience Japan’s unique cultural heritage

  1. Gape at the Northern Lights in Iceland

Whether you want to spot a whale, see the famous at Dettifoss waterfall, or just enjoy the beautiful northern lights, Iceland is a delight for anyone who loves nature. Experiencing the phenomenon where you get 20 hours of sunlight is also a once in a lifetime experience.

Best Time To Visit: April to August

It’s Perfect For You If: You want to experience the beautiful phenomenon of northern lights.

You’re probably thinking it’s best to wait to go on the adventure holiday when you’re older, and you have more money. But thinking like that means that you’re going to be missing out on all the fun in the present.

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