Take the name of Goa, pictures of partying all night, beach hopping, some sips of Feni, sandy beaches, sit back at shacks, and a perfect vacation comes to the mind.

We all have been a part of that mandatory Whatsapp group that mostly discusses ‘How we are going to enjoy in Goa’.

Some plans go successfully and some not.

So, if you’re from the ‘not’ category and trying to make it happen before you get hitched because, in a true sense, Goa can only be fully enjoyed with the friends.

So, if you want to be a part of this exciting place but don’t know how to make the most of your trip? Here’s your perfect travel guide for Goa via Routeprints.

Best Time to Visit Goa

If you are planning to visit Goa make sure you’re visiting the place during when it’s actually the right time. After all, plans to visit Goa don’t go successfully really easy. Discussed below is the best time to visit Goa to help you out in making the right decision.

Summer Season: Months from March to June are never considered ideal to pay a visit to Goa. But if you want to go when tickets and hotel bookings are cheaper and don’t want a big crowd, summers can be your perfect choice to go to Goa. On the other side, you can try adding a coastal region in the plan like Kerala to your trip.

Monsoon Season: The season begins in July and ends in September, and the place usually remains damper and empty of people. You can easily find good deals during this season. Also, you can visit some water-based attraction like Dudhsagar falls when traveling during monsoon.

Winter Season: Here comes the peak season when the temperature remains cool and you can indulge yourself in some fantastic water activities out there. The best part about being in Goa during this season is that you can attend some splendid festivals and carnivals. Also, you won’t see the temperature rising above 22ᵒC during this season. All in all, this is the best time for goa trip as you can enjoy some adventurous activities, and visit amazing spice plantations.
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Things To Do in Goa

Goa is undoubtedly a full-package in the country to jump into a perfect vacation. And why not, the beach capital of the country has so much to offer to its visitors.

From strolling through the natural beauty of the place to trying out various adventurous activities to amazing nightlife, Goa gives you the perfect escape plan from your daily hustled life. Here are some top things you definitely need to try when in Goa.

Palolem Beach

As mentioned above, Goa is considered the beach capital of India and Palolem Beach is referred to as the most-visited beach there. From the time when there were shacks and huts in the beach till now (developed Goa), the place has never failed to impress its visitors.

Though there are many other famous beaches in Goa, this one is highly admired.

If you wish to be at a place that is quiet and calm, go to the northern part of the beach, and if you love being a part of a big crowd, head towards its southern part.

Spice Plantations

Why to always go for the things that are quite common among tourists. When in Goa, try out to take a walk through offbeat spice plantations, experience the soothing aroma of the fresh plantation and learn about different spices. Talking about two of the very famous plantations in Goa, you can make your way to Sahakar Spice Farm and Savoi Plantations. Not just this activity allows you to enjoy the ethereal natural beauty but also lets you play with the tuskers. You can give them a bath or sit on their back.

Butterfly Conservatory

After you are done with exploring and spending some quality time in the lush spice plantations, make your way to the Butterfly Conservatory where you can play with the happiest and colorful butterflies. Believe it or not, you won’t see such amazing picture ever anywhere. Also, don’t just watch them or play, you can even feed the butterflies with juicy fruits and see how they collect nectar.

Goa’s Nightlife

Talk about Goa and don’t get into a discussion regarding its nightlife, is something impossible.

The natives of Goa totally love and know how to party in the best way possible. You’ll see almost every beach throws the perfect parties for their tourists they were always wished to be a part of. Visitors and locals love to hang out there at night and have a gala time. The famous parties organized in Goa are the Rave Parties and Leisure Cruise. Enjoy a good time with your friends out there and take back some amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime. After all, you should have some stories to tell your children when the right time will come.

Dine on a Houseboat

When it comes to Goa, nobody would think of houseboats.

And why though?

Goa is the Las Vegas of India, it only makes pictures of partying in the mind. But you would be amazed to know that there are some places in Goa that allows you to get a wonderful houseboat experience. Do the bookings already, dine out, and break a leg on a houseboat in Goa. This can even be a perfect thing to plan a romantic date for your partner. If you wish, you can even go for an overnight tour or just a day tour on the houseboat.


How can we forget to visit the outstanding casinos in Goa?

The place is even known for its casino cruises and machine operated casinos are really famous nowadays, the place where mainly men visit.

Although, you won’t see Indians taking too much interest in gambling, Goa is one such place that has a few onshore and offshore casinos to let you try out your luck.
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How to reach Goa?

By Air: If you’re opting for airways to reach Goa then the nearest airport for you will be Dabolim Airport, which is located around 29km away from Panaji. The airport is not only well-connected with the main domestic cities but international cities as well.

By Train: You can even easily reach Goa via train and the major railway station is situated in Margao. Madgaon and Vasco-Da-Gama are the main railway stations, which are very well connected with Mumbai and other main parts of India.

By Road: Those who wish to experience an offbeat journey can reach Goa via road. You can board a bus and reach the nearest bus stand in Panaji, Kadamba Bus Stand. In fact, Goa also runs its own bus services connecting main cities in and out of the state.

So here was my detailed travel guide for Goa.

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