08 Unique Experiences To Enjoy In Dubai That Everyone Should Know

Unique Experiences in Dubai

Planning to visit Dubai?

And looking for some unique things to do in UAE or Dubai?

Then this article is for you.

Dubai is known for its incredible structures, beautiful beaches, exciting shopping destinations, and delicious dining options.
Hence, it is known as the most famous destination in the world.
Going beyond these things, let us find out what all unique things that can be experienced in Dubai to make your trip a memorable one.
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Unique Experiences in Dubai

Skydiving from the Palm Jumeirah Island
Sky Diving on Palm Island

You can skydive over many places, but the experience from this island would be yours most unique and exciting one. Skydive from Jumeirah Island is one of the most thrilling experience. The view is spectacular and if you have a good guide, then Sky Dive will help you to make the best from your visit.  During winter, you can experience the best view. Do book your tickets in advance.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dhow Cruise

Dining on Dhow Cruise  Dubai is one of the best Dubai experiences. Cruising down on Dubai creek or Dubai Marina with pleasing lights along with some music and Tanura Dance show is just the most romantic experiences. The mouthwatering dinner and belly dancing will surely make you fall in love with the place. BBQ buffet dinner is loved by most of the travelers. But there are two places in Dubai where the dhow cruise dining occurs Dubai creek and Dubai marina area. The main difference between Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise and Marina Dhow Cruise is the budget and the contrasting panoramas you witness on each experience.  Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek offers you the best of both worlds of Dubai. The views of Old Dubai souks and rustic settlements flanked by modern Dubai’s swanky city skyline are absolutely spellbinding to watch. Quite contrary to this, Dhow Cruise Marina offers you stellar panoramas of latest additions to Dubai’s opulent architectures.  Another factor that varies in Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise and Dhow Cruise Marina is that the latter is more expensive than the former, but the experience is chic and luxurious when compared to Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek.

Watch the Sunset from Burj Khalifa
Sunset from Burj Khalifa UAE

Burj Khalifa is known as the world’s tallest structure. Witnessing sunset from this incredible structure is surely going to make you fall in love with it. This magical experience is a dream of every traveler. Reaching to the top floor, seeing the 360-degree view of the city along with the beautiful sunset are one of the most unique experiences in Dubai. Do visit during the winter season and pre-book your tickets for a hassle-free enjoyment.

Dubai Fountain
Dubai fountain

The X-line is a zip-type wire ride that goes through the center of downtown Dubai and over the dancing fountain of Dubai. This is surely going to be fun and exciting and will give you a lifetime experience in its unique way.

Dubai Desert Safari
Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is famous all over the world. Travelers especially come to Dubai for experiencing its unique dessert safari. An overnight safari with BBQ dinner and belly dancing will drive you crazy. The views and the experiences are worth visiting the place.  One can refer this guide to select the best desert safari in dubai according to their requirement.

Skiing in Indoor Ski Park
Ski in Dubai

Skiing in Indoor Ski Park is the best way to cool down in the scorching heat of Dubai. You can experience the snowboarding session, overnight camp, or take a ski ride with kids and give a visit to penguins. Kids will surely enjoy and would love to come here again for experiencing the unique way of having fun.

World’s Largest Amusement Park
World of adventures Dubai

World’s largest amusement park known as Worlds of Adventure is surely going to drive your whole family crazy. The Cartoon Network characters with marvel, dinosaurs and the fast roller coaster is one of the best places for all the adventure seekers. You will find various shopping and food outlets for people to chill out while others are enjoying the rides. This unique experience will give lifelong memories to cherish. Keep a whole day off for this park as surely you do not want to miss any of the rides.

Dubai Mall Aquarium
Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium is made of a ten-million-liter tank that is filled with aquatic wildlife. There are many qualified instructors who will guide you in experiencing this thrilling adventure. You will get a chance to swim with sharks and other aquatic wildlife creatures. If your gut feeling is saying you can do it, then do not think much, dive in with a trained instructor and enjoy one of the best Dubai experiences. Book your tickets in advance through their website.

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