Volunteering Opportunities in India: India is a vast and beautiful country with a plethora of historical monuments to visit and a rich culture to experience but India has its own share of issues. Poverty and illiteracy are one of the top rated problems which this country is facing.

And to eradicate these problems, a large number of NGO’s, volunteers and charities are working day and night. Plus many Indians, Indian travelers and foreign nationals are looking out for options to help them out. But it’s not that easy as it seems.

There are lots of Volunteering opportunities in India but searching and then finalizing one is a difficult task.

The main road block which anyone of us face in finalizing the suitable volunteering work in India is many of them involve agencies, which ask volunteers to pay membership fees or some kind of other charges which are very high. These charges primarily cover your food, accommodation or administration charges. But if you contact these volunteer organizations directly then there are great chances of getting a good deal or even free. As some of these organizations provide free food and some free stay and some both which is indeed a cheap option rather than paying consultation fees/charges to the agencies. So with this blog, I would be providing you some of the Best Volunteering Opportunities in India.

Best Volunteering Opportunities In South India

Sadhana Forest

One of the best volunteering opportunities in India or one of the famous Indian volunteer travel programs is Sadhana Forest.

Started on  19th December 2003, to transform 70acres of arid land into a jungle. The ultimate cause of Sadhana Forest is to promote sustainable living through ecological transformation, veganism and wasteland reclamation. Located on the outskirts of Auroville (Tamil Nadu) it has also won the 3rd position in Humanitarian Water & Food Award in the year 2010. Various travelers, volunteers from all around the world come to this place to experience this transformation and to help the couple who started this.
Website: http://sadhanaforest.org/
Location: Auroville, Tamil Nadu
Email Id: sadhanaforest@auroville.org
Contact No: 0413-2677682/3 or 0413-2902655
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Tree Plantation
  • Water Conservation
  • Working on Organic garden
  • Cooking
  • Maintaining community area

Chennai Trekkers Club

You must be guessing…does this club organize treks?

Yes, you got it right 😛

Founded on 2008, Chennai Trekkers Club non-profit organization which thrives on volunteer work. One of the largest and the most active groups in South Indian with a total member of more than 39,000 it organizes outdoor sports like cycling, trekking, photography walks, biking, open water swimming and various other events throughout the year to promote eco-tourism and environmental awareness and so on.
Website: http://www.chennaitrekkers.org
Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu
Email Id: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!forum/sachennaitrekkingclub
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Beach cleanups
  • Trekking volunteering
  • Community cleanup in various part of the city
  • Helping the unprivileged

Madras Crocodile Bank

This NGO is one of the famous Organizations in India for the quality of work it has done for various species of animals. That’s why, I have mentioned it in one of the top most of this list of best volunteering opportunities In India.

Started by Rom & Zai Whitaker in the year 1976, to preserve three Indian crocodile species i.e. the Gharial, the Mugger and the salt water crocodile.

Today Madras Crocodile Bank is home to seventeen species of Crocodiles. Three of which are listed as critically endangered species. Not only this, now their list includes Turtles, Snakes, Lizards and even Chelonians
Website: http://www.madrascrocodilebank.org
Location: Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu
Email Id: volunteer.mcbt@gmail.com
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Research and Development
  • Conservation
  • Daily check-up
  • Educating others about reptiles

Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network

Are you a beach person and an insomniac? Then Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network is the best volunteer travel program for you.

A voluntary group working on Chennai beaches since 1987. Their main aim is to create awareness and conserve the extinct Olive Ridley turtle. They organize Turtle walks on the beaches of Chennai during the night in search for their eggs and then to relocate them to a more safer place. They organize this turtle walks mostly between March to April when turtles hatch their eggs.
Website: https://sstcn.org/
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Email Id: sstcnchennai@gmail.com
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Conservation
  • Creating Awareness

The Andaman And Nicobar Islands Environmental Team (ANET)

A study and research organization set up by Madras Crocodile Bank Trust to promote R&D of Andaman and Nicobar Island’s unique cultural and biological diversity.

Andaman & Nicobar islands, which is located around 1200 km’s from Indian mainland in the midst of Bay Of Bengal sea is known for its biological diversity. And ANET was set up to conserve this diversity through research and development.
Website: http://www.anetindia.org/
Location: Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Email Id: info@anetindia.org
Contact No: 03192-280081
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Conservation
  • Research assistance
  • Planting trees
  • Office work
  • Day to day work
  • Data entry

Wild Conservation Society

Wild Conservation Society of India is tasked to save Wildlife and the wild lands with collaboration with government organizations and non-governmental partners. WCS is committed to conserving wildlife and educating local people about nature and its wildlife.
Website: http://wcsindia.org/home/
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Email Id: volunteers@wcsindia.org
Contact No: 080-26715364
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Research & Development
  • Conservation of wildlife
  • Educational workshops

Visakha Society For Protection And Care For Animals

If you love animals then VSPCA might be one of the volunteering opportunities in India you might love to get into.

VSPCA is a well known NGO which works for animal welfare and animal cruelty. They are one of the major reasons for which Sea turtles are still here on this planet. Apart from rescuing endangered Turtles, they also save cows, buffaloes, dogs, cats, monkeys, ducks. Horses, rabbits and many other creatures who are either suffering from animal abuse or neglect.
Website: http://vspca.org/
Location: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Contact No: 08912716124
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Animal care
  • Conservation of wildlife
  • Office work
  • Educational workshops

East India volunteer Travel Programs

New Light

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The day she visited.. Manushi Chhillar "Met the kids from “New Light” living in the slums of Kolkata. Was greeted by such enthusiasm! It was so exciting to speak to them about school, science and many of them want to be doctors. Their curiosity was never ending and I had to face an army of questions which I enjoyed answering!" Miss World #BeautyWithAPurpose #IndianExpress New Light Kolkata #Repost @manushi_chhillar ・・・ Meet the kids from “New Light” living in the slums of Kolkata. Was greeted by such enthusiasm! It was so exciting to speak to them about school, science and many of them want to be doctors. Their curiosity was never ending and I had to face an army of questions which I enjoyed answering! Outfit – @ridhimehraofficial Jewellery – @karishma.joolry Styled by @stylestashofficial

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In recent times, sex tourism and sex trafficking have emerged as a new source of income for various anti-socials. And New Light NGO is trying to curb this issue by helping those girls who has got into this business, unfortunately.

It is a non-profit organization from Kolkata. A well-known NGO, which provides shelter, education, recreational facilities, legal aid and health care facilities to the girls who have faced abuse and torture due to human trafficking. Located in Kalighat, which is also known for its red light area.

Website: http://www.newlightindia.org
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Email id: info@newlightindia.org
Contact No: 03324850068
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Community development work
  • Treatment
  • Teaching
  • Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Educational workshops

Kolkata Sanved

If you love dancing then Kolkata Sanved is the place for you to try out your volunteering skills. Kolkata Sanved uses dance as a treatment to empower, heal and rehabilitate human trafficking survivors. Not only this, they have their branches in Bangladesh and Nepal too. And apart from helping trafficking survivors they also help mental patients, domestic workers, school kids and railway platform kids.
Website: http://www.kolkatasanved.org/
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Email id: kolkatasanved@gmail.com
Contact No: 03324236119
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Community development work
  • Dance teacher
  • Rehabilitation
  • Educational workshops
  • Online Volunteering opportunities: Workshop designing, brochure designing and grant writing

Root Institute

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Back in Bodhgaya, this time we had a five-day course at Root Institute, Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s center here. So many Indians becoming Buddhist these days. I remember when I first came to India in the late 70s, at Tushita in Delhi, for example, lots of Indians came to the classes, but they were happily Hindu and loved Lord Buddha as one of their own. Now, a generation later, they become Buddhist – and plenty become monks and nuns as well. Here in the photo is Tashi, who works at Root; and the director here, Ven. Paldron, is Indian too. Back to Kathmandu tomorrow and then, the day after, they will cut out the offending polyp at the back entrance to my nostrils. Hopefully I can breathe better after that! #robinacourtin #rootinstitute #fpmt #bodhgaya #india

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Located in Bodh Gaya in Bihar. Root Institute is primarily a Buddhist study and meditation center. But apart from studies and meditation, they also run health programs in various parts of Bihar. To promote health awareness, health education and village development
Website: http://www.rootinstitute.ngo/
Location: Bodh Gaya, Bihar
Contact Form: http://www.rootinstitute.ngo/contact
Email id: director@rootinstitute.ngo
Contact No: 0631 2200714
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Healthcare assistant
  • Spiritual assistant
  • Physiotherapy volunteer work

Mother’s Hope

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#smilingfaces #India #travelling #exploringindia

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Mother’s Hope is a small NGO which works for small babies and for their pregnant mothers. Plus they also lend their hand to sexual abuse victims, infants and so on.  They offer free training and counseling and a home for pregnant women. Free health care to girls facing crisis pregnancy.
Website: http://www.mothershope.in
Location: Dimapur, Nagaland
Email id: mothershope@rediffmail.com
Contact No: 03862-241565 / 241697
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Baby care
  • Counselor
  • Advocacy volunteers

Fertile Ground

Do you like organic farming? Or know how to create compost or have a camera to make videos? Then Fertile Ground provides you with a volunteering opportunity to work with them on various farms in North-East India. In this part of India, help or support is still a distant dream for farmers involved in organic farming. So Fertile ground, help these farmers with proper training, encouragement, and resources to survive and grow.
Website: http://www.fertile-ground.org/
Location: Assam
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Organic farming
  • Educational workshops



“Aaranyak” is a Sanskrit word which means forest. And Aaranyak being an NGO is doing the same thing as his name suggests and that is saving forests. They work for nature, protect them, the resources like various plant species, different water bodies, animals as without them there is no such term called nature.
Website: http://www.aaranyak.org/
Location: Guwahati, Assam
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Conservation

West India Volunteer Travel Programs

Manav Sadhna

One of the best volunteer travel programs or best volunteering opportunities in India is Manav Sadhna.

In Sanskrit “Manav” means Human being and “Sadhna” means worship. So Manav Sadhna means Worshipping Human Beings. A registered charitable trust works for the upliftment of its community.

They work on humanitarian grounds for various neglected and ignored communities of Indian society.
Website: http://www.manavsadhna.org/
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Email id: volunteer@manavsadhna.org
Contact No: 079 27560002
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Development work
  • Teaching
  • Community development
  • Creative education
  • Skill development
  • Rehabilitation

Slum Soccer

If you like football or like to show off your skills then one of the best volunteering opportunities in India that you may get is Slum Soccer.

Slum Soccer is a small NGO which uses football to empower and dwell with the unprivileged kids from the vast slums of Nagpur.
Website: http://slumsoccer.org/
Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra
Email id: reachus@slumsoccer.org
Contact No: 0712-2556865
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Fund Raisers
  • Promoters
  • Admin Officers
  • Football Coaches

Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. . VELAS TURTLE FESTIVAL . #ratnagiridiaries #velas #turtle #sahyadrinisargamitra #oliveridley #ourblueplanet . These turtles are considered to be endangered species of marine turtles. There are various reasons like consumption of their eggs voraciously around the coastal countries in the Asia Pacific region, destruction of natural habitats and turtle slaughter for leather and oils, which have contributed to the turtles becoming endangered. NGOs like Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, which co-organizes turtle festival Maharashtra, works towards spreading awareness about this and its the need of the hour as only 1 turtle out of 100 will reach to its adulthood after surviving from various hurdles of life ! #architecturvi #architect #architectonstreet #savemarinelife

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Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra is a well known NGO engaged in conservation and research. Their team not only study about various species but also helps in conserving different Indian species like sea-turtle, white-backed vulture, Indian swiftlet and White bellied Sea Eagle. Plus when they get time, they also organize various events related to different species and educational workshops for various locals.

So if you like animals and you are in Maharashtra, then do give them a call. As you would really not want to miss this volunteer travel program.
Website: http://www.snmcpn.org/
Location: Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Email id: sahyadricpn@gmail.com
Contact No: 02355 253030
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Film making
  • Teaching
  • Micro-Volunteering
  • Organizing campaigns
  • And handling workshops

North India Volunteer Travel Programs

Spiti Ecosphere

If you like to visit scenic places and want to indulge in a volunteer travel program then Spiti Ecosphere provides you with the best volunteering opportunities in India.

Spiti, a famous backpackers destination and is also known for its jaw-dropping scenic beauty, nature and Buddhist culture. And Spiti Ecosphere is here to preserve and conserve this natural habitat and culture and also to create a sustainable livelihood for the locals. They create greenhouses, schools, community buildings and also help locals in harnessing renewable energy to name a few.
Website: http://www.spitiecosphere.com
Location: Kaza, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
Email id: info@spitiecosphere.com
Contact No: 09418860099, 09418439294
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Building green houses
  • Helping in creation of Solar structures
  • Helping locals in daily activities
  • Office and admin work

Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL)

Founded in 1988 in Leh region of Jammu and Kashmir state of India. It was started by a group of college students with an aim to transform this educational system. For a long time, they worked on reforming and transforming the government school system. But parallelly, their team also transformed their SEMCOL campus into an eco-village where staffs, volunteers, students live, learn and work together side by side.

This Volunteer travel program gives you a glimpse of the culture and the people of this small region.
Website: http://secmol.org
Location: Leh, Jammu & Kashmir
Email id: info@secmol.org
Contact No: 01982 252421
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Teacher
  • Ice skating trainer
  • English Teachers
  • Youth camp volunteers
  • Hockey Coach

Druk White Lotus School

Druke White Lotus school or locally known as Druk Padma Karpo Institute is located in a small village named Shey, which is around 30 minutes drive from Leh Town.

Leh which is famous for its highest motorable road (Khardungla Pass) and various other beautiful places, development is still a distant dream in some of its nearby villages. It’s very hard for local kids even to get a good education and that is why DWLS has taken the initiative in educating the local kids. They teach English, Hindi, science, social studies, sports and creative arts. Their main focus is to make their students skillful by teaching them team-work, leadership skills, presentation skills, problem-solving abilities and other co-curricular activities.
Website: http://www.dwls.org/
Location: Shey, Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir)
Email id: volunteers@dwls.org
Volunteering Opportunity:

  • Teacher
  • Developing school infrastructure
  • Creation of other school facilities

Apart from these volunteering opportunities in India, there are some volunteer travel programs which you might check for your volunteer travel in India. These organizations below mostly run on national or global level.


WWOOF India is an extension of WWOOF. Which has branches in different countries, to provide volunteer travel programs all across the world. They do have membership fees or yearly fees but that’s very nominal.
Website: http://www.wwoofindia.org


Idealist is basically a Volunteer opportunities directory for India. Everyday they post different types of internships and volunteering opportunities in India.
Website: https://www.idealist.org/en/


I guess you have heard about this organization WWF(World Wide Fund For Nature). And WWF-India is an Indian branch of this Global network. Many of us are not aware about the opportunities it provides but WWF-India do provide travelers various volunteering opportunities in India.
Webiste: http://www.wwfindia.org/about_wwf/critical_regions/high_altitude_wetlands/green_hiker/what_you_can_do/register_green_hiker/
Application form: http://www.wwfindia.org/about_wwf/critical_regions/high_altitude_wetlands/green_hiker/what_you_can_do/register_green_hiker/

True Travellers Society

True Travellers Society is a travel forum where different local organizations post their volunteering requirements or opportunities.
Website: http://www.truetravellers.org/category/volunteer_blog/by_country/asia/india-country/

Independent Volunteer

If you are looking for a volunteer travel agency then Independent Volunteer would be the best option. As they don’t charge anything from travelers or volunteers.
Website: http://www.independentvolunteer.org/index.php?n=ProjectsByCountry.India

So here was my picks for the best volunteering opportunities in India. So, if you visit any of these places for your upcoming volunteer travel program. Do write a review of that place over here, to let others know about that program.

Hope you all liked this list. Kindly share it with your friends on facebook and twitter to let others know about these awesome options.

If you have any other questions you can comment below or can message me on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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