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An award-winning Indian travel blog which is known for it's destination guides, travel news, travel hacks, how to's and so on. Get all your travel tips and detailed information's which is required to plan your next escapade

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Tirthankar Bose The Poor Nomad Blog

Hi I am Tirthankar and you can call me ‘Tirtho’
As I understand, that my name can be a good tongue twister for many of you! :P
I am the face behind this blog ‘The Poor Nomad’
Being a backpacker, I always travel on a budget and one of my biggest concern is getting my travel covered without hurting my finances.
It can be hard at times but not impossible!

So after traveling for the last 12 years and covering more than 43K kilometers, I finally launched this travel blog where I share each and every detail that you might need to plan your next trip.
Budget is a big concern for many of us, with that sometimes it’s even tougher to search some of the best places to eat, how to travel, where to stay and so on.
So with this blog, I try to answer each and every question that I receive for a particular destination like from the places to stay, where to eat, travel guides, how to travel, itinerary suggestions and many more.
Over the past couple of years, I have helped millions of travelers and let them travel more with detailed information’s and guides. This way, you can spend less time searching the internet and can get what you want at a single place.

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